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See also: Template:Columns

A columns template, used in combination with {{col-begin}} and {{col-end}}.



Total number of columns. This is used to calculate width, but if you'd like the columns to be right next to each other, you can instead put auto.
In the majority of cases, this will be the only parameter used.

2 or minwidth

Optional. The minimum width of a column. Defaults to 20em, unless 1 is set to auto; in that case, the default is no minimum width.

3 or maxwidth

Optional. The maximum width of a column.
Optional. Width of a column's right margin.
Optional. Width of a column's top margin.


For an example of usage, see  [Sentinel Equipment Cache]. The items it contains are broken up into columns by type, for a max of 6 columns on wide screens. Thus, the number given in the first parameter for each {{col}} is 6.