Faction disambiguation

The Faction disambiguation template provides a friendly method to switch between Alliance and Horde disambiguated pages.

When using this template, the following line should be the only content on the page:

{{Faction disambiguation}}


Internally, this template transcludes the entire content of the "{{PAGENAME}} (Alliance)" and "{{PAGENAME}} (Horde)" articles. As such, make sure that on a page like Both 15.png  [10-60] The Reason for the Season, which is an example of how this template should be used, the articles Alliance 15.png  [10-60] The Reason for the Season and Horde 15.png  [10-60] The Reason for the Season both exist and are properly formatted. Notably, the Alliance and Horde pages should not use any <noinclude>, <includeonly>, or <onlyinclude> tags that interfere with how the resulting page would display.

An alternative strategy when only the tooltips and external links need to be differentiated (usually with items) is to use a single page for both versions. All the tooltips are defined on that page and {{versions/AH}} is used to allow selection between them.
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