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Optional Parameters
float = defaults to "right"
name = defaults to PAGENAME; shows up as name or used for image ([[File:name.gif]])
image = avatar image ([[Image:image]])
size = Optional. Specifc the size of the image. The px already included.
loc = defaults to "us"; otherwise use "eu" (english), "de" (german), "fr" (french), "es" (spanish), "it" (italian), "pt" (portuguese) or "ru" (russian)
role = role on forums
quote = quote for person
sid = station ID. 1 for english, 2 for spanish in the US, etc...
Truly Optional
ex = any value will move page from Category:Blizzard forum posters to Category:Former Blizzard forum posters
ext = defaults to "gif"; extension for avatar image
twitter = input twitter username to add twitter widget to page