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Creates an icon with an optional stack count.

Note: Numbers may be harder to read on very old browsers that don't support the text-shadow property.



The icon's filename, without the extension. Defaults to inv_misc_questionmark.
Stack number, as in stackable items or buffs.

3 or size

A number from 1 to 4, to set the icon's size. 1 is 64px, 2 is 48px, 3 is 32px, and 4 is 24px. Defaults to 1.
Value of the icon's float property. Options: left, right, none, or inherit. Defaults to left.
Size of the margin around the icon. Include the unit (em, px, etc.). Defaults to 0.3em.
The file extension of the image. Defaults to .png. Should see very rare use.
A number of pixels, used instead of size for custom sizes. Don't include the unit (px). Not recommended with stacks, since it won't change the font size like size does. Additionally, sizes above 64px may appear blurry.


{{Icon|spell holy auramastery|5}}

Spell holy auramastery.png55

{{Icon|spell holy auramastery|5|float=right}}

Spell holy auramastery.png55

{{Icon|inv potion 49|1|size=1}}
{{Icon|inv potion 49|2|size=2}}
{{Icon|inv potion 49|3|size=3}}
{{Icon|inv potion 49|4|size=4}}

Inv potion 49.png11
Inv potion 49.png22
Inv potion 49.png33
Inv potion 49.png44

{{Icon|inv potion 49|width=15}}

Inv potion 49.png
<- An icon for ants.