NeutralCenarion Circle
Main leader IconSmall Malfurion.gif Malfurion Stormrage
IconSmall Hamuul.gif Hamuul Runetotem
IconSmall Cenarian Male.gif Keeper Remulos
IconSmall Cenarius.gif Cenarius
  Formerly Elune
Secondary leaders Anduin Wrynn
  Formerly Varian Wrynn
Race(s) Cenarian
Night elfNight elf Night elf
TaurenTauren Tauren
TrollTroll Troll
WorgenWorgen Worgen
  Formerly Harpy Harpy
Character classes Druid
Capital Nighthaven, Moonglade
  Formerly Darnassus
Other major settlements Thunder Bluff
  Formerly Suramar
Base of operations Wailing Caverns
  Formerly Cenarion Hold
Theater of operations Darnassus, Felwood, Moonglade, Silithus, Thunder Bluff, Desolace, Ashenvale, Stonetalon Mountains
  Formerly Northrend
Government Anarchy
Language(s) Darnassian
Faith(s) Elune
Sub-group(s) Cenarion Expedition, D.E.H.T.A.
Former sub-group(s) Dark Iron clan
Affiliation Independent, Ancient Guardians
  Formerly Burning Legion
Status Active
Token(s)  [Coilfang Armaments]
Currency Money
Quartermaster Fedryen Swiftspear
Notable reward(s)  [Defender of the Timbermaw]
Tabard Cenarion Expedition Tabard.jpg
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| currency = 
| rewards = 
| tabard = 
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Valid field entries

  • Width: optional width (default is 23em).
  • Name: faction name (default PAGENAME).
  • Image: picture of area where the faction is massively represented.
  • Caption [optional]: caption to the image.
  • Leader [optional]: most prominent NPC associated with faction
  • Leaders [optional]: the other prominent NPC leaders associated with faction
  • Membership [optional]:
  • Theater: main zone(s) of operation
  • Government [optional]:
  • Base: sub-zone and zone where faction is most represented
  • Capital [optional]: sub-zone and zone where faction is most represented
  • Capitals [optional]: other places where faction is represented
  • Races: races within the faction. Please use {{Race}} separated by line breaks (use {{RaceIcon}} if creatures aren't included)
  • Character [optional]: character classes within the faction
  • Language [optional]: language(s) of the faction
  • Faith [optional]: faith(s) of the faction
  • Faction: Alliance, Horde or Neutral (default neutral)
  • Members[optional]: sub-groups within the faction
  • Affiliation [optional]: other groups faction is known to work with
  • Status [optional]: status of the organization (Active, Inactive, Disbanded)

In-game factions

Optional parameters used for in-game factions with rewards.

  • Rewards [optional]: most notable rewards of the faction
  • Currency [optional]: currency item used by the faction, if not gold/silver/copper
  • Tokens [optional]: items redeemable for faction reputation
  • Quartermaster [optional]: vendor(s) that provides faction rewards
  • Tabard [optional]: image of the faction's tabard

"Formerly" option

Add an "f" before the following values to list former status of them.

  • Races: races that were part of the faction.
  • Theater: areas which the faction used to operate
  • Base: sub-zone and zone where faction used to represent
  • Leader: most prominent NPC that was associated with faction
  • Leaders: the other prominent NPC leaders that were associated with faction
  • Capital: main place where faction used to represent
  • Capitals: other places where faction used to represent
  • Affiliation: groups faction used to work with