Gladiator's Medallion
Ability pvp gladiatormedallion.png
Usable by
Class All
School N/A
Cooldown 2 minutes
Other information
Level available 20
Cleansed by Flame
Spell fire felimmolation.png
Usable by
Class Demon hunter
Other information
Level available 98
Affects [Immolation Aura]
Spell holy dispelmagic.png
Usable by
Class Priest
Other information
Level available 40
Affects [Purify]
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Valid Field Entries:

  • Name: PvP talent name.
  • Description: Description as it appears in-game.
  • Class: Class that can use this PvP talent.
  • Spec: Specialization this ability is specific to; omit if available to all of the class's specializations.
  • School: "Physical", "Arcane", "Frost", "Fire", "Nature", "Shadow" or "Holy".
  • Cost: Number only.
  • Costunit: Mana/Rage/Energy/etc.
  • Req: Requirements to use the ability (e.g. Cat Form, Daggers) that are shown in the tooltip.
  • Requirements: Other requirements that aren't part of the tooltip.
  • Range: "x yd", or "Melee".
  • Radius: (optional) For the use of ranged AoE spells.
  • Cast time: "x sec" or "Instant".
  • Cooldown or recharge: "x seconds/minutes".
  • Charges: Number only.
  • Improvement: If the PvP talent can be improved by any abilities or talents, list all of them separated by comma.
  • Level: The level for when the PvP talent is available. Minimum is 20, when the PvP talents pane is unlocked.
  • Buff name: Name of a buff that is applied with this ability. Leave this blank if it's the same as the ability.
  • Buff type: Magic, curse, poison, disease, or leave blank for typeless.
  • Buff image: Icon image for the buff. Omit if it's the same as the ability.
  • Buff desc: (optional) In-game text on the tooltip (leaving this blank disables this section)
  • Buff dur: Duration, including units. e.g. "10 seconds"
  • Debuff: If the PvP talent applies a debuff, replace all "buff" fields above with "debuff".