Level: 1 - 10
Battle Pet Level: 1 - 2
A view of Teldrassil
Type World Tree
Capital(s) Dolanaar
  Formerly Starbreeze Village
Population 20,000
Races Night elfNight elf Night elf
Furbolg Furbolg
Dryad Dryad
HumanHuman Human
Harpy Harpy
Satyr Satyr
WorgenWorgen Worgen
  Formerly DraeneiDraenei Draenei
Government Elected council
Ruler(s) The Firelord
Former ruler(s) Tyrande Whisperwind
Major settlements Dolanaar
Minor settlements Rut'theran Village
Languages Darnassian, Common, Furbolg
Faiths Ancients, druidism, Elune
Resources Gold, hunting, leather, timber
Affiliation Alliance
Former affiliation(s) Emerald Nightmare
Location Veiled Sea, Northern Kalimdor
PvP status Alliance territory
Status In flames
{{Infobox zone
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| realcapital =
| frealcapital =
| capital = 
| fcapital = 
| pop = 
| races = 
| fraces = 
| government = 
| rulers = 
| frulers = 
| major = 
| minor = 
| languages = 
| faiths = 
| resources = 
| affiliation = 
| faffiliation = 
| loc = 
| territory = 
| status = 

Infobox zone replaces the "Characteristics" section of most zone pages. Feel free to further develop it. It is only for use on main zone pages. For towns, camps, and/or non-zone cities use {{infobox town}}.

Please note that all fields should pertain to the World of Warcraft MMORPG, while screenshots may come from any official source. Population numbers should also no longer be inserted as they are no longer accurate since Cataclysm.

Valid field entries
  • faction: Alliance, Horde, or Neutral based on the MMORPG only (default Neutral)
  • name: zone name (default PAGENAME).
  • level: ideal levels for the zone according to Blizzard
  • battlelvl: ideal battle levels for the zone according to Blizzard
  • ss: ideal picture of zone [optional]
  • caption: screenshot caption [optional]
  • realcapital capital of a faction located within the zone. (Temporary parameter until infobox is fixed)
  • frealcapital former capitals located within the zone.
  • capital: primary settlement of zone for a faction (used only when a capital, such as Stormwind, is non-existant)
  • fcapital former primary settlements in a zone for a faction. (only use when destroyed, not if replaced by another settlement as primary)
  • type: the type of area. For use with non-zones. Examples: City, Village
  • races: races within the zone. Please use the {{Race}} template and separate each race with line breaks (<br>)
  • fraces: former races within the zone.
  • government: list type of government [optional]
  • rulers: list only if there is a recognized ruler or rulers of that specific zone [optional]
  • frulers: list of formerly recognized rulers of that specific zone [optional]
  • major: major settlements within the zone. Please separate using line breaks (<br>)
  • minor: minor settlements within the zone, i.e. any other populated settlement known but not listed as being major. Please separate using line breaks (<br>)
  • languages: languages within the zone
  • faiths: faiths within the zone
  • resources: resources within the zone
  • affiliation: the affiliation of the zone, from official lore sources [optional]
  • faffiliation: the former affiliation of the zone, from official lore sources [optional]
  • territory: PvP status of the zone in World of Warcraft; "alliance", "horde", "combat", "contested", or "sanctuary". Notably, alliance/horde/contested should be applied according to zone classification on PvP realms, for example, Elwynn Forest is "alliance". [Obsolete]
  • loc: location of zone, or if not known then the general area of zone in relation to the rest of the continent

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