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Cogwheel Sockets -->{{#if:{{{cogwheel-sockets|}}}|<li class="socket">{{Sockets|Cogwheel|{{{cogwheel-sockets}}}}}</li>}}<!--
Cogwheel Sockets -->{{#if:{{{cogwheel-sockets|}}}|<li class="socket">{{Sockets|Cogwheel|{{{cogwheel-sockets}}}}}</li>}}<!--
Sha-Touched Sockets -->{{#if:{{{sha-sockets|}}}|<li class="socket">{{Sockets|Sha-Touched|{{{sha-sockets}}}}}</li>}}<!--
Sha-Touched Sockets -->{{#if:{{{sha-sockets|}}}|<li class="socket">{{Sockets|Sha-Touched|{{{sha-sockets}}}}}</li>}}<!--
Domination Sockets -->{{#if:{{{domination-sockets|}}}|<li class="socket">{{Sockets|Domination|{{{domination-sockets}}}}}</li>}}<!--
Punchcard Sockets -->{{#if:{{{red-punch-sockets|}}}|<li class="socket">{{Sockets|Red Punchcard|{{{red-punch-sockets}}}}}</li>}}<!--
Punchcard Sockets -->{{#if:{{{red-punch-sockets|}}}|<li class="socket">{{Sockets|Red Punchcard|{{{red-punch-sockets}}}}}</li>}}<!--
-->{{#if:{{{yellow-punch-sockets|}}}|<li class="socket">{{Sockets|Yellow Punchcard|{{{yellow-punch-sockets}}}}}</li>}}<!--
-->{{#if:{{{yellow-punch-sockets|}}}|<li class="socket">{{Sockets|Yellow Punchcard|{{{yellow-punch-sockets}}}}}</li>}}<!--

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Use this template in conjunction with the #data parser function; the minimum required syntax is:

|name = Item name
|icon = lowercase item icon without extension
|quality = Item quality

Additional arguments from below can be placed in place of "..." in the example above.

Template arguments

Name Description
|name= Item name as it appears in-game.
|icon= Item icon; all lower case, omit File: and extension.
|quality= Item quality; one of: poor, common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, heirloom, token.
|stack= Number; maximum stack size of items that can be stacked.
|tag= String, green item type appearing on Heroic, Raid Finder, PvP items; e.g. "Heroic", "Raid Finder", "Season 10"
|stage= Number; upgrade stage for crafted items; e.g. "1 of 6"
|artifact= Flag; provide only if this item grants Artifact Power.
|rank= Number; rank for items that have one.
|champion= Flag; provide only if this item is Champion Equipment.
|conjured= Flag; provide only if this item is conjured.
|location= Zone or instance this item is bound to.
|bind= Item binding type, one of: bop, boe, bou, bta, quest.
|unique= Maximum number of this item the player may have in his bags.
|unique-eq= Maximum number of this item the player may have equipped.
|unique-type= Uniqueness category, e.g. "Jeweler's Gems"
|duration= Amount of time before the item vanishes from the player's inventory, e.g. "3 days (real time)"
|qbegin= Name of the quest this item begins.
|ilvl= Item level. Only displayed for items you can equip. Uses {{DE}} to show disenchant info. Force the display with |geartoken=
|noDE= Flag; provide if the item cannot be disenchanted.
|upgrade-level= Number, left side of "Upgrade Level: x/y", defaults to 0.
|upgrade-levels= Number, right side of "Upgrade Level: x/y"
|heirloom upgrade= String, number of upgrades the heirloom item has, e.g. "1/3"
Item type/slot
|mount= Riding skill required to learn this mount.
|toy= Flag; provide if the item is tagged as a "Toy".
|reagent= Number; provide "1" if the item is tagged as a "Crafting Reagent", "2" if the item is tagged as an "Optional Crafting Reagent".
|glyph= Glyph type, one of: prime, major, minor.
|gem= Gem type, e.g. "Red", "Cogwheel", "Prismatic"
|relic= Relic type, e.g. "Arcane", "Frost", "Wind"
|type= Item type (if not mount, glyph) e.g. "Staff", "Sword", "Leather"
|slot= Inventory slot the item can be equipped in, e.g. "Trinket"
|bag= Number of slots this bag has.
|durability= Maximum durability.
Weapon stats
|speed= Weapon speed.
|dmglow= Low boundary of weapon damage.
|dmghigh= High boundary of weapon damage.
|dmgtype= Magical damage school (primarily on wands)
|bonuslow= Low boundary of bonus damage.
|bonushigh= High boundary of bonus damage.
|bonustype= Bonus damage type, e.g. "Nature"
|armor= Amount of armor on this item.
|block= Block value.
|bonusarmor= Flag; pass if armor has bonus (green) armor. Used before Warlords. (distinguish |bonusarmor= vs |bonus armor=)
Weapons/Armor with Agility, Strength, or Intellect.
|agility/strength= Weapons or jewelry with Agility or Strength.
|strength/intellect= (Plate) armor with Strength or Intellect.
|agility/intellect= (Leather/mail) armor with Agility or Intellect.
|strength= Strength bonus.
|agility= Agility bonus.
|stamina= Stamina bonus.
|intellect= Intellect bonus.
|spirit= Spirit bonus.
|randomsuffix= Flag; include if the item has a random enchant suffix, e.g. "of the Eagle".
|gemattrib= Gem attributes, e.g. "+20 Intellect and +20 Haste Rating" or "+21 Intellect and +2% Maximum Mana"
|corruption= Corruption penalty.
|corruptionresist= Corruption resistance.
|fire= Fire resistance bonus.
|nature= Nature resistance bonus.
|frost= Frost resistance bonus.
|shadow= Shadow resistance bonus.
|arcane= Arcane resistance bonus.
|resist= Resistance to all schools bonus.
|meta-sockets= Number of meta sockets this item has.
|prismatic-sockets= Number of prismatic sockets this item has.
|cogwheel-sockets= Number of cogwheel sockets this item has.
|sha-sockets= Number of Sha-Touched sockets this item has.
|sockbonus= Socket bonus description.
|arcane-relics= Number of arcane slots this item has.
|blood-relics= Number of blood slots this item has.
|fel-relics= Number of fel slots this item has.
|fire-relics= Number of fire slots this item has.
|frost-relics= Number of frost slots this item has.
|holy-relics= Number of holy slots this item has.
|iron-relics= Number of iron slots this item has.
|life-relics= Number of life slots this item has.
|shadow-relics= Number of shadow slots this item has.
|water-relics= Number of water slots this item has.
|wind-relics= Number of wind slots this item has.
|classes= List of classes this item is limited to, e.g. "Mage, Warlock, Priest".
|races= List of races this item is limited to, e.g. "Blood Elf"
|level= Level required to use this item.
|levelmax= Maximum level required to use this item.
|levelcur= Used with "levelmax="; the current level at which the stats are set up as
|reqilvl= Item requires an item level
|locked= Lockpicking skill required to unlock this item.
|prof= Profession required to use this item.
|profskill= Profession skill required to use this item.
|profspec= Profession specialization required to use this item, e.g. "Goblin Engineer".
|rfaction= Required faction name, e.g. "Shattered Sun Offensive"
|rep= Required reputation level, e.g. "Exalted"
|rating= Required arena rating
|holiday= Holiday (like Brewfest) this item item requires.
|req= Other requirements not covered by the above. Does not automatically create links; include brackets if a link is desired.
|desc= Yellow text description, seen on items such as  [Emblem of Renown]. Unlike flavor text, this appears near the top of the tooltip and does not have quotation marks around it.
|pickup= Misc "On Pickup" effects.
|equip= Misc "On Equip" effects.
|equip2= Misc "On Equip" effects.
|attackpower= Attack power bonus.
|rangedattackpower= Ranged power bonus.
|haste= Haste rating bonus.
|crit= Crit rating bonus.
|spellpen= Spell penetration bonus.
|resilience= Resilience rating bonus.
|pvppower= PvP power bonus.
|multistrike= Multistrike rating bonus.
|versatility= Versatility rating bonus
|bonus armor= Warlords-and-beyond bonus armor (distinguish |bonus armor= vs Pre-WoD |bonusarmor=)
|mastery= Mastery rating bonus.
|spellpower= Spell power bonus
|avoidance= Avoidance rating bonus.
|cleave= Cleave rating bonus.
|indestructible= flag; Indestructible.
|leech= Leech rating bonus.
|movementspeed= Movement speed rating bonus.
|hp5= Amount of health restored per 5 seconds.
|xp= % of XP gained bonus.
|onhit= On hit effect.
|use= Use effect.
|inv= Misc "Non-Equip" effects.
|cooldown= Item cooldown, e.g. "15 seconds"
|cast= Cast time, e.g. "5 seconds"
|create= Item (page) taught by this recipe.
|mats= Materials required to craft the item taught by this recipe.
|charges= Amount of charges on this item.
|flavor= Flavor text.
|read= Flag; provide if the item can be read.
|readlink= Optional; name of the page contain the text that can be read from this item.
|open= Flag; provide if the item can be opened.
|set= If the item is part of the set, Wowpedia set page name.
|set-fragment= Optional; data fragment of the desired set, defaults to the item's data fragment.
|sellprice= Amount of copper vendors are willing to give for this item.
|itemid= Item ID.
|itembonus= Numeric item bonus (for heirlooms or to indicate a specific version of an item)
Formatting switches (avoid for common tooltips)
|width= Tooltip width; 18em default.
|show= Formatting switch; "short", "full", or "home" for short, full or exactly-as-if-#data renders.
|link-section= Specifies which section the DEFAULTLINK tag should apply for; empty by default.

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