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Per WP:MOS, this template should only be used when discussing in-game NPCs acting in their NPC capacity.
All arguments except name are optional; however, at least one should be provided.
icon=, icon2=, icon3=, if specified, use a Wowpedia race icon without leading IconSmall and trailing .gif. For example: |icon=Human Male.
If the "Show NPC tooltips" user preference is enabled, hovering over the produced name displays a tooltip based on the target page's infobox.
If the "Hide RaceIcon images" user preference is enabled, the race icons will be hidden.
{{NPC|Alliance|Jaina Proudmoore|Ruler of Theramore|Lady Jaina Proudmoore}}
{{NPC||Andormu|Keepers of Time}}
{{NPC|Combat|Elemental Slave|icon=Earth}}
{{NPC|Horde|Wickerman Guardian|icon=Abomination}}
{{NPC|Neutral|Monk Trainee|icon=Pandaren Male|icon2=Pandaren Female}}
Alliance Lady Jaina Proudmoore <Ruler of Theramore>
Andormu <Keepers of Time>
Boss  Patchwerk
Mob  Elemental Slave
Horde  Wickerman Guardian
Neutral   Monk Trainee
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{{Mob}} for non-interactive (doesn't talk, just auto-emote, fight, or ignore) creatures.