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|above-icon= {{#if:{{{faction|}}}|{{FactionIcon|{{{faction}}}}}}}
|above-icon= {{#if:{{{faction|}}}|{{FactionIcon|{{{faction}}}}}}}
|above = {{{name|{{PAGENAME}}}}}
|above = {{{name|{{PAGENAME}}}}}
|image = {{#ifeq:{{lc:{{{image}}}}}|no||{{#ifexist:File:{{{image|}}}|[[File:{{{image}}}|frameless|200x300px|Image of {{{name|{{PAGENAME}}}}}]]|{{NPC placeholder image|race={{{race|{{#explode:{{#explode:{{#replace:{{#replace:{{{races}}}|]}}|[}}|,|0}}|(|0}}}}}|gender={{{gender|{{{sex|}}}}}}|creature={{{creature}}}|image={{{image|}}}}}}}}}
|image = {{#if:{{{slides|}}}|{{SlidesToTabber|{{{slides}}}|{{#if:{{{imgsize|}}}|{{{imgsize}}}|200x300px}}}}|{{#ifeq:{{lc:{{{image}}}}}|no||{{#ifexist:File:{{{image|}}}|[[File:{{{image}}}|frameless|200x300px|Image of {{{name|{{PAGENAME}}}}}]]|{{NPC placeholder image|race={{{race|{{#explode:{{#explode:{{#replace:{{#replace:{{{races}}}|]}}|[}}|,|0}}|(|0}}}}}|gender={{{gender|{{{sex|}}}}}}|creature={{{creature}}}|image={{{image|}}}}}}}}}}}
|caption = {{{caption|}}}
|caption = {{{caption|}}}
|label1 = Title
|label1 = Title
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|data3 = {{#if:{{{races|}}}|{{{races}}}|{{#ifeq:{{{race|}}}||Unknown|[[{{ucfirst:{{{race}}}}}]]}} {{#if:{{{creature|}}}|({{{creature}}})}}}}
|data3 = {{#if:{{{races|}}}|{{{races}}}|{{#ifeq:{{{race|}}}||Unknown|[[{{ucfirst:{{{race}}}}}]]}} {{#if:{{{creature|}}}|({{{creature}}})}}}}
|label4 = Level
|label4 = Level
|data4 = {{#if:{{{classiclvl|}}}|&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;'''Retail:'''&nbsp;}}{{Level|{{{level|}}}}} {{{type|}}}{{#if:{{{classiclvl|}}}|<br>'''Classic:''' {{{classiclvl}}}}}
|data4 = {{#if:{{{classiclvl|}}}|&nbsp;&#8201;&nbsp;'''Retail:'''&nbsp;}}{{Level|{{{level|}}}|{{{type|}}}}} {{{type|}}}{{#if:{{{classiclvl|}}}|<br>'''Classic:''' {{{classiclvl}}} {{{classictype|{{{type|}}}}}}}}
|label5 = Heroic level
|data5 = {{#if:{{{hlevel|}}}|{{{hlevel}}}[[Category:Articles using the hlevel parameter]] {{{type|}}}}}
|label6 = Class
|label6 = Class
|data6 = {{{character|{{{class|}}}}}}
|data6 = {{{character|{{{class|}}}}}}
|label7 = <!--Health-->
|label7 = Resource
|data7 = {{#if:{{{resource|}}}|{{#switch:{{lc:{{{resource|}}}}}|mana=<span class="cc-shaman">[[Mana (game resource)|Mana]]</span>|energy=<span class="cc-rogue">[[Energy]]</span>|mana/energy|mana / energy|mana, energy=<span class="cc-shaman">[[Mana (game resource)|Mana]]</span> / <span class="cc-rogue">[[Energy]]</span>|{{{resource}}}}}}}{{#if:{{{energy|}}}|<span class="cc-rogue">[[Energy]]</span>}}
|data7 = <!--{{{health|}}}-->{{#if:{{{health|}}}|[[Category:Articles using the health parameter]]}}
|label8 = <!--Heroic health-->
|data8 = <!--{{{hhealth|}}}{{#if:{{{hhealth|}}}|[[Category:Articles using the hhealth parameter]]}}
|label9 = <!--Mana-->
|data9 = <!--{{{mana|}}}-->{{#if:{{{mana|}}}|[[Category:Articles using the mana parameter]]}}
|label10 = <!--Energy-->
|data10 = <!--{{#ifeq:{{{energy|}}}|-1|100|{{{energy|}}}}} -->{{#if:{{{energy|}}}|[[Category:Articles using the energy parameter]]}}
|label11= Reaction
|label11= Reaction
|data11 = {{{aggro|}}}
|data11 = {{{aggro|}}}
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|data23 = {{{alignment|}}}
|data23 = {{{alignment|}}}
|label24= Pet family
|label24= Pet family
|data24 = {{#if:{{{pet|}}}|[[{{{pet}}}]]}}
|data24 = {{#if:{{{pet|}}}|[[{{{pet}}}#As a hunter pet|{{{pet}}}]]}}
|data25 = {{#if:{{{instance|}}}|{{Instance bosses|[[{{{instance}}}|{{{instancename|{{{instance}}}}}}]]|{{{{{instance}}}}}}}}}
|data25 = {{#if:{{{instance|}}}|{{Instance bosses|[[{{{instance}}}|{{{instancename|{{{instance}}}}}}]]|{{{{{instance}}}}}}}}}
|below= {{#if:{{{source|}}}|Source(s): {{{source|}}}}}<!--
|below= {{#if:{{{source|}}}|Source(s): {{{source|}}}}}<!--
-->}}<!-- end of infobox
-->}}<!-- end of infobox
Obsolete parameters -->{{#if:{{{cost|}}}|[[Category:Articles using the cost parameter]]}}{{#ifeq:{{{energy|-1}}}|-1||[[Category:Articles using the energy parameter]]|}}{{#if:{{{energy|}}}|[[Category:Articles using the energy parameter]]}}{{#if:{{{races|}}}|{{#if:{{{creature|}}}||[[Category:Articles using the races parameter without creatures]]}}}}<!--

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This template defines the table "NPCs". View table.

Use the NPC box to help summarize the vital stats of a particular mob or NPC.


HordeGeorgio the Destroyer
Image of Georgio the Destroyer
Title Destroyer of Worlds
Servant of Cthulhu
Gender Male
Race Ogre (Humanoid)
Level    Retail: 60 Elite
Classic: 43 Rare Elite
Class Monk
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Undercity
Occupation World destroyer
Former occupation(s) Chambermaid
Location Great Sea[30, 20]
Status Alive
Relative(s) Deathwing
Mentor(s) Old Gods
Student(s) Wrathion
Companion(s) Sylvanas Windrunner
Pet family Core hound
Source(s): Some RPG source book
|name = 
|image = 
|faction = 
|title = 
|level = 
|type = 
|classiclvl = 
|classictype = 
|class = 
|race = 
|creature = 
|aggro = 
|affiliation = 
|gender = 
|occupation = 
|foccupation = 
|location = 
|status = 
|relatives = 
|mentors = 
|students = 
|companions = 
|instance = 
|pet = 
|source = 
Specify one of "Horde", "Alliance", "Neutral", or "Combat" (for mobs). Used to create the crest of the infobox
The name of the NPC. Defaults to {{PAGENAME}}.
The filename of an image to include (Image will be scaled down to 200px width or 300px height, whichever is greater). See Wowpedia:Nopics for placeholder images to use.
The title of the NPC that appears in brackets below the name, e.g. <Destroyer of Worlds>
The sex of the NPC. Specify "Male" or "Female". Default not shown.
The race/model (for undead, use "<specific undead type>" (like Ghoul), "Undead (<specific type>), <race> (formerly)" or just "Undead") of the NPC. Braces automatically included (braces not necessary).
In game classification. (e.g. Humanoid, Beast, Demon, Mechanical, etc).
The level of the NPC using the {{Level}} template. Use "Max" for flight masters and city guards or "??" for bosses.
Specify "Elite" if the NPC is Elite, like a city guard or "Boss" if the NPC is a Boss (city or instance). Defaults to Normal which is not shown.
The level for the NPC in World of Warcraft: Classic. Use "??" for bosses.
The type for the NPC in World of Warcraft: Classic. See the type parameter for more information.
the type of resource the NPC has. Mana, energy, rage, etc.
displays if the NPC is aggressive to horde or alliance; use {{aggro}} or {{reputation}} (Friendly/Hostile)
The affiliations of the character, if they have more than one.
The affiliations this character used to be part of.
The specific subzone or coordinates of the NPC. Braces necessary
One of the character classes in WoW; unit or lore class if character is pre-WoW. As many can be listed as needed.
the character's role and/or position
the character's former role and/or position
The current status of a character; use only the following options: "Alive" ("Active" or "Inactive"), "Deceased" ("Killable" or "Defeatable"), "Unknown"
spouses, siblings, parents, children, any other family members. Please put the relationship in parenthesis.
If the character wields magic, then that person's teacher can be listed here.
If the character had an apprentice, or students then those characters can be listed here.
Friends or group members.
Game(s) (or other sources) where character is seen.
putting the instance name here will add a collapsible info box for the instance bosses (assuming the instance page is set up correctly)

Pet Information (for beast mobs)

Creature pet family, such as "cat" or "turtle". Defaults to hidden.