This template creates a WoW-styled tooltip for profession links. This is particularly useful for skills learned without a recipe, such as alchemy discoveries. This template can also be used for professions that create an enchantment such as a tailoring embroidery.

Minimum syntax



This is the full list of named parameters listed in order that they appear in the displayed/in-game tooltip. Parameters that apply color to text in the finished tooltip have the same color here.

Basic and misc properties

Icon to display, omitting File: and extension (.png).
|icon=INV Ingot Titansteel red
Item name as it appears in-game.
|name=Transmute: Iron to Gold
Numeric rank of this version of the spell
If applicable, quality of the created item. See {{quality}}.
If an enchantment, specify which slot.
{{enchant}} doesn't use this???
general Requires: line
|req=Cloth Armor
Proficiency to use the product. (Not the same as |prof=)
Skill points to use the product. (Not the same as |orange=)
Blue note text above any effects lines
|note=Automatically improves at 500 skill in Leatherworking.
Items effect text
Cooldown on the use effect
Cast time of the use effect

Learning the recipe

For other properties used with {{RecipeTable/RecipeRow}}, see Template:RecipeBox.
Profession to learn or make the recipe.
Variant of the profession to learn or make the recipe.
Profession skill required to use item.
Example: |prof=Alchemy|skill=250
Number of points gained while orange (default: 1).
Point at which skill turns yellow
Example: |skillyellow=260
Point at which skill turns green
Example: |skillgreen=270
Point at which skill turns gray
Example: |skillgray=280


If applicable, tool required to create.
Example: |tools=Runed Arcanite Rod
If applicable, the object that must be nearby to create.
Example: |nearby=Anvil
First reagent.
Example: |reagent1=Illusion Dust
Quantity of first reagent if more than 1.
Example: |reagent1quantity=16
Second reagent.
Quantity of second reagent.
Third reagent.
Quantity of third reagent.
Fourth reagent.
Quantity of fourth reagent.
Fifth reagent.
Quantity of fifth reagent.
Sixth reagent.
Quantity of sixth reagent.
Item created if applicable.
Example: |creates1=Ametrine
Quantity of created item; defaults to 1.
Example: |create1quantity=3
Maximum quantity of created item, if different than create1quantity.
See creates1.
See creates1quantity.
See creates1maximum.

Used in

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