AllianceC'Thun's Legacy
Start  [Eye of C'Thun]
End Caelestrasz
Level 60 (Requires 59)
Type Group (4)
Category Hellfire Peninsula
Experience 40-500
Reputation +500 Brood of Nozdormu
+200 Cenarion Circle
Rewards  [Amulet of the Fallen God],
 [Cloak of the Fallen God], or
 [Ring of the Fallen God]
123g 45s 67c
Repeatable Yes
Previous H [1-10] Your Place In The World
Next N [30R] The Savior of Kalimdor

Use Questbox to help summarize the vital stats of a particular quest, leaving the body of the article to discuss lore and strategy. Including the following code creates the questbox to the right.

Example code

 | name = C'Thun's Legacy
 | faction = Alliance
 | level = 60
 | levelreq = 59
 | type = Group
 | groupsize = 4
 | category = Hellfire Peninsula
 | start = [[Eye of C'Thun]]
 | end = [[Caelestrasz]]
 | reputation = +500 [[Brood of Nozdormu]]<br/>+200 [[Cenarion Circle]]
 | experience = 40-500
 | rewards = [[Amulet of the Fallen God]],<br/> [[Cloak of the Fallen God]], or<br/> [[Ring of the Fallen God]]
 | money = {{Cost|123|45|67}}
 | shareable = No
 | repeatable = Yes
 | previous = [[Your Place In The World]]
 | next = [[The Savior of Kalimdor]]
 | id = 788
 | other-faction = C'Thun's Legacy (Horde)

Required fields

The name of the quest as it appears in game. Defaults to "Untitled". This should never parentheticals like (Alliance), (Horde), or (2) unless they're actually a part of the quest name itself.
"Alliance", "Horde", "Neutral", "Both", etc. Denotes which factions are eligible for the quest. Defaults to "Neutral". See Template:FactionIcon for all available options.
The NPC, item, or object responsible for initiating the quest. Brackets required. Defaults to "Unknown". Use "Automatic" with no brackets for quests given without interacting with anything. Add {{coords}} if the start location is relatively fixed
The NPC, item, or object responsible for ending the quest. Brackets required. Defaults to the value of start. Add {{coords}} if the end location is relatively fixed
The difficulty level of the quest, exposed by the quest API or an quest viewer add-on. Use -1 for quests that define a minimum level but no specified one. Depends on {{level}}
The minimum level required to accept the quest. Get this from a database
A list of linked items rewarded by the quest. Use plain links with <br>s in between them

Recommended, but optional

The amount of experience gained from completing the quest.
A list of links to quests required to be completed before starting this quest.
A list of links to quests that directly follow this quest in a series.


"Group", "Dungeon", "Raid", "PvP", etc. Defaults to hidden. Don't include for normal solo quests.
If this is a "Group" quest, provide the group size recommended by the quest. No default value.
The category under which the quest appears in the quest log (usually a class or a zone). No default value, braces not required.
The amount of reputation affected by the quest, written in the style +100 Wildhammer or -100 Undercity. Braces necessary.
The amount of money awarded by completing the quest. Use {{cost}}, e.g. 25c or 4g 7s 25c. Usual format is {{cost|<gold>|<silver>|<copper>}}; see Template:Cost.
Accepts "Yes". Indicates if the quest is repeatable instantly, and not on a fixed timer like daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly (holiday) quests.
Accepts "Yes". Indicates if the quest is shareable. Defaults to hidden. Will not display if set to "No"
If the quest is restricted to one class. Hidden.
If the quest is restricted to one race. Hidden.
Use with post-Cataclysm removed quests in order to have Category link pointing to post-Cataclysm zones instead of pre-Cataclysm ones.
If Horde/Alliance has a version of this quest, provide the article name of that quest to generate a disambiguation link.
if specified, prevents the Questbox template from adding the page to categories.
if specified, switches the categories to the removed categories instead. Used for quests that have been removed from the Retail server. Not necessary if the {{Removed}} template is present above the infobox, which will automatically switch the categories.

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