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Use this at the top of articles or sections on subjects that are no longer in the game. It places the article in Category:Removed from World of Warcraft.

For removed beta content use {{Removedfrombeta}}.


Parameters allow for:

  • description - first unnamed parameter
  • item type -second unnamed parameter, replaces "Article" in description box
  • patch= - optional named parameter, links to the patch version page
  • doc= - optional named parameter, suppresses category inclusion

No explanation

  • {{removed}}

With description

  • {{removed|<Description>}}

Item type, with description

Description is required for this. Used for images and other items that are not articles.

  • {{removed|<Description>|<itemtype>}} - with explanation (required), item type

Patch ID

This optional named parameter can be added to any of the above, and links to a patch version page.

  • {{removed|patch=3.2.0|Eaten by Yogg-Saron}}

A very common current use of this is for things removed during the Shattering (Cataclysm):

  • {{removed|patch=4.0.3a|removed with Cataclysm}}


This optional named parameter can be added to any of the above and suppresses the category addition. Used when providing an example of the template for documentation purposes.

  • {{removed|description|doc=}}

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