This template is used to create a quick navigation of tier 6 set items.
Type {{Tier 6 set item|<slot>|<token type>}} under the "Source" section of the item's article. Add one of the following "slots" to show the correct cost:
  • head
  • shoulder
  • chest
  • wrist
  • hands
  • waist
  • legs
  • feet

Specify which token type:

  • Vanquisher (Rogue, Mage, Druid)
  • Protector (Warrior, Hunter, Shaman)
  • Conqueror (Paladin, Priest, Warlock)
Sample output
{{Tier 6 set item|hands|Conqueror}}

This item is sold by Neutral Tydormu <Keeper of Lost Artifacts> in Hyjal Summit in exchange for  [Gloves of the Forgotten Conqueror].

{{Tier 6 set item|waist|Vanquisher}}

This item is sold by Neutral Theremis <Keeper of Lost Artifacts> on Isle of Quel'Danas in exchange for  [Belt of the Forgotten Vanquisher].