This template begins a table containing alternate versions of a page's tooltip, allowing javascript to switch between them.

Syntax: {{versions|Default version name|Default version position}}

Default version name 
Caption to display for the default version of the tooltip (one that appears outside the table); "Base" if not specified.
Default version position 
Specifies where the default version of the tooltip should appear within the tab list (0: leftmost; 1: after the first alternative version, etc.), defaults to 0 if not specified.

Note that the template opens a table -- the page should close it using |} at an appropriate time.


There are some slightly easier-to use templates than Versions by itself: {{Versions/Item}} and {{Versions/AH}} handle the standard cases of various PvE versions of an item (regular/Heroic, possibly Raid Finder, Thunderforged, and Elite), and Alliance/Horde versions of the same item respectively. Both of those templates are wrappers for {{Versions2}} (and also generate the external links table) and take less manual setting up than this template.


Consider an item with three versions: Normal, Raid Finder, and Heroic. If the Normal tooltip is used at the top of the page, the Other versions section can be set up as:

== Other versions ==
===Raid Finder===

with ... replaced by the appropriate {{itemtip}} code for those versions.