The Temple Gardens

The Temple Gardens are a large open area in the center of the night elven capital of Darnassus. The gardens themselves encompass the body of water, walkways, and small islands at the heart of the city, being named for the large Temple of the Moon located immediately to the south.

A portal in the far west of the district provides the only non-flying method of traveling to Rut'theran Village at the base of the World Tree, while Darnassus's bank can also be found on the largest island. The Temple Gardens are connected by bridges to the Cenarion Enclave to the north, the Craftsmen's, Warrior's, and Tradesmen's Terraces to the east, and the Temple of the Moon to the south.

During the Burning of Teldrassil, the conflagration leaped to the Temple Gardens.[1]




  • The night elves manipulated the waters to maintain the splendor of the Temple Gardens.[2]
  • It is described as the centerpiece — though geographically more west of the center — of Darnassus and composed of several islets of varying size filled with the most exquisite of flora. Tyrande used it at least once for meditation.[3] Similarly, Velen once meditated here as well because of its tranquility.[4]

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