NeutralTemple of Akunda
Temple of Akunda.jpg
Type Temple
Leader(s) IconSmall ThunderLizard.gif Akunda
  Formerly IconSmall Zandalari Male.gif Akunda the Exalted †
Race(s) Zandalari trollZandalari troll Zandalari troll
Affiliation(s) Neutral Akunda
Horde Voldunai
Location Southeastern Vol'dun[53.2, 90.2]
Status Active

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Undone.gif Bank       Undone.gif Auctions
Travel Done Flight Master(s)
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The Temple of Akunda is a temple in the far southeastern corner of Vol'dun dedicated to the thunder lizard loa Akunda. The temple welcomes Zandalari exiles who seek sanctuary from the dangers of Vol'dun.[1][2] Through a sacred ritual, Akunda enters the minds of his followers and removes the memories that cause them pain.[3][4] His followers then all rename themselves Akunda and start a new life at the temple.[5] Immediately northwest of the temple lies the Eternal Spring. Akunda's power over storms allows the spring to never run empty, ensuring that his followers never know thirst.[6] Redrock Mesa stretches north of the temple toward the Valley of Sorrows, where Akunda stores the unwanted painful memories he takes from his followers.[4][7]

Bladeguard Kaja, Meerah, Jorak, and a Horde adventurer travel to the temple in search of the missing Warguard Rakera. Upon arrival, they are greeted by Akunda the Exalted, who gives the adventurer a series of tasks before allowing them to enter the temple proper. Once inside, they discover Rakera but find that she has lost all her memories.[8] Akunda the Sensible reveals that Akunda's followers have started losing not only their painful memories but all their memories, and sends the adventurer to investigate the matter alongside Meijani in the Valley of Sorrows.[4] Meijani and the adventurer eventually discover that Akunda the Exalted poisoned the Eternal Spring, stole Akunda's own memories from him, and used the loa's power to wipe the minds of his followers. With the help of Akunda's powers of the storm, the adventurer kills Akunda the Exalted, freeing the loa and allowing him to restore the memories of his followers.[9] Following this, all of the trolls at the temple abandon the name "Akunda" and resume their true names, while Kaja, Meerah, the adventurer, and the restored Rakera continue their journey to Zul'Ahjin.[10]



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