Temple of Elune.

Temple of Elune after Ysera's death.

The Temple of Elune is a temple of the moon located in Val'sharah inhabited by the Sisterhood of Elune and the Druids of the Moon. The Garden of the Moon where the Tear of Elune was kept extends out past the temple's stairs.

When satyr and the Burning Legion attacked the temple, Celestine of the Harvest arrived to aid its priests.[1]

Two major roads branch off of it: one leading to Black Rook Hold and one leading to Suramar City and the other Temple of Elune now known as the Tomb of Sargeras. The Suramar road quickly splits into another road that leads into Azsuna.

Ysera is fought and killed here at the end of the Val'sharah storyline.

According to Lyanis Moonfall, the Burning Legion previously wanted to destroy the Temple, indicating that it existed during the War of the Ancients.

As of the Fourth War, the Temple remains tended to by the night elves, including Mevris Ghostdancer, who are actively engaged in trade with neighboring Gilnean village of Bradensbrook, sending and receiving supplies to and from each other via ships.[2]



  • After Ysera's death in N [10-45] The Fate of Val'sharah, a large patch of grass appears in the center of the Temple. When seen from above, the grass is shaped like Ysera's body.
  • It is unclear exactly where most of the night elves of the Temple, such as Isoraen and Lyanis, come from. It is hinted that some recall the Sundering, but it is left ambiguous whether or not most of them have always remained in the Temple for the past ten millennia, separated from the other kaldorei, or if they have traveled there from Kalimdor in recent times, as was the case with Mevris Ghostdancer. However, Tyrande Whisperwind seems to personally know some of them, and commands a certain authority there. While Mevris was willing to aid his wife in constructing the Drums of Primal Might to use against the Horde, it is unclear if they have remained neutral in the wake of the Fourth War, with the neighboring Highmountain tauren and nightborne having joined the Horde.


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