For the temple in Darnassus, see Temple of the Moon.

A temple dedicated to Elune.

The temples of Elune[1] (or the temples of the moon)[citation needed]  are night elven temples dedicated to their goddess Elune, and have been the center of all night elven spiritual life for thousands of years. The Temple of Elune in Suramar used to be the main place of worship dedicated to their goddess where the Sisterhood of Elune was based.[2]

The temples are staffed by the priestesses of the moon.

Temples of Elune

Presumed or known temples include:


  • Architecturally, the temples share certain characteristics with the palace of Queen Azshara, of ancient Zin-Azshari.
    • The Palace's model is a "repaired" version of the Temple of the Moon building model, though with a different entry ramp and no flanking pavilions.
  • Though several night elven religious buildings could be considered a "temple of the moon", the term now refers almost exclusively to the temple in Darnassus.


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