Temple of Kimbul entrance.

The temple's interior.

The Temple of Kimbul[56.6, 10.4] is a ruined temple on the northern tip of Vol'dun dedicated to the loa Eraka no Kimbul. The Bouldered Bluffs lie just to the west, while to the east, the ruined and spider-infested Terrace of the Fang stretches down toward the Shrouded Shore. Centuries ago, the temple was attacked by an army of naga led by Summoner Mepjila. Kimbul arrived too late to save his Zandalari worshippers from death, and just as he killed Mepjila, she cursed the souls of his followers to unending torment.[1][2] Now the temple lies abandoned and broken,[3] its entrance sealed by a magical barrier that will only open to whoever holds the Ring of Tides.[4]

Seeking refuge from the Stormcoil naga, the tortollans of the Tortaka tribe traveled to the temple to seek Kimbul's protection. A Horde adventurer obtained the Ring of Tides and entered the temple, but Kimbul informed them that honor would not allow him to accept new followers until the souls of his original worshippers were freed from Mepjila's curse.[1] With Kimbul's help, the adventurer traveled to the spirit realm and vanquished Mepjila's spirit, freeing Kimbul's followers.[2] At the same time, a Stormcoil army rose from the sea to begin attacking the temple, but Kimbul transformed the adventurer into his avatar in order to fight off the invaders. Once the assault was repelled, Kimbul accepted the Tortaka as his followers, allowing them to move into the temple and use it as a refuge.[5]




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