Temple of Purity

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For the quest, see N [50] The Temple of Purity.
The Temple of Purity

The Temple of Purity is one of Bastion's major holy sites that represent one of the virtues of the kyrian Ascended, located in the southeast of the region. The temple is an important spot for aspirants on their path to ascension as they work to rid themselves of any doubts they carry, thus becoming pure according to the kyrian path. The area is overseen by the Paragon of Purity, Vesiphone, and her followers.


The Temple of Purity was one of the central locations on the kyrian path to becoming ascended, a journey which each arrival to Bastion embarked upon. At the temple, aspirants meditated in quiet reflection with the aim of shedding any burdens they still carried from their past lives. Those that fail in achieving this were normally sent on to the Temple of Loyalty to be brought back onto the path.[1]

During the anima drought in Bastion and the Shadowlands, the Temple of Purity was quickly strained as aspirants' doubts became more pronounced, with many failing their rites, leading to their being sent to the Temple of Loyalty.[2] Unbeknownst to most kyrian, however, the Paragon of Loyalty Devos had since turned against the Archon's path and was planning to seize control of Bastion with her newly-formed Forsworn army. As doubt-filled aspirants were sent from the Temple of Purity to Loyalty, they were in fact being recruited into the ranks of the dark kyrian, swelling their numbers.

When the Forsworn finally made their move, the Temple of Loyalty was their first target. Led by Lysonia, they took the temple's residents by surprise after its wards were sabotaged and occupied most of the complex. In their attack, they corrupted many of the powerful temple vespers which threatened the defenders.[3] It was only a counterattack led by the Hand of Purity, Eridia, that was able to turn the tide against the attackers, and she confronted Lysonia herself atop Purity's Pinnacle. As Lysonia gained the upper hand, Vesiphone arrived to defeat her and force her to retreat.[4] The Paragon would then return to Elysian Hold to warn her brethren of the Forsworn threat.


Before N [50] Step Back From That Ledge, My Friend

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