The Temple of the Red Crane.

The Temple of the Red Crane (or the Crane Temple)[1] is the home of the August Celestial Chi-Ji, the celestial embodiment of hope, located in south-central Krasarang Wilds. From within the temple's ornate halls, the Red Crane wings out to oppose the despair that spread through the murky Krasarang Wilds like a cancer. The Sha of Despair and its minions have infested the area from the temple's basement, where Chi-Ji resides but was later cleansed by Prince Anduin Wrynn and heroic adventurers. With the recent arrival of Horde occupation forces, the sacred site has become a fortification and the Crane's servants hostages. In the A Little Patience scenario, King Varian Wrynn successfully leads Alliance forces to drive the Horde out.


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