Image of Tenebron
Gender Female
Race Twilight drake (Dragonkin)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Obsidian Sanctum
Status Killable

Tenebron is a summoned twilight drake in the Obsidian Sanctum, appearing in the fight with Sartharion.


If left alive, she will apply her aura, Power of Tenebron, to the entire raid as long as she is alive, increasing Shadow damage taken by 100%.


Tenebron should be tanked facing away from the raid.

Periodically, Tenebron opens a portal to the Twilight and begins hatching eggs, which spawn whelplings if the raid does not enter the portal and kill the eggs. The raid should leave the portal alone and keep nuking Tenebron the entire time. It is almost inevitable that one wave of whelps will spawn from the portal, and depending on the raid DPS, possibly two waves. When that happens, have an offtank pick up the whelp adds. Once Tenebron is dead, AoE the whelps.


Called by Sartharion
Sartharion yells: Tenebron! The eggs are yours to protect as well!
Tenebron yells: It is amusing to watch you struggle. Very well, witness how it is done!
You have no place here! Your place... is among the departed!
Breath Attack
To darkness I condemn you.
Tenebron begins to open a Twilight Portal!
Tenebron begins to hatch eggs in the Twilight!
  • Arrogant little creatures, to challenge powers you do not yet understand.
  • I am no mere dragon. You will find that I am much, much more.
Killing a player
  • No contest.
  • Typical. Just as I was having fun...
I should not... have held back...


  • Her name is taken from the Latin word tenebrae meaning "shadow".

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