Terokk's Legacy

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For The Burning Crusade version, see N [69D] Terokk's Legacy.
NeutralTerokk's Legacy
Start Isfar
End Isfar
Level 15-30 (Requires 15)
Type Dungeon
Category Sethekk Halls
Experience 24600
Rewards 8g 20s


Bring Terokk's Mask and Terokk's Quill to Isfar inside the Sethekk Halls.


Terokk, hero of the Arakkoa, mysteriously vanished one day, leaving only his mask and spear behind.

Darkweaver Syth still holds his mask and Talon King Ikiss guards his spear.

It would mean a great deal to my people if these items were returned to us.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv misc book 07.png [The Saga of Terokk] Inv misc bandana 03.png [Terokk's Mask]
Inv spear 08.png [Terokk's Quill]

You will also receive:

  • 8g 20s
  • 24600 XP


The relics of Terokk have been absent from Skettis for too long. Were you able to recover them from the Sethekk?


I may never truly be forgiven for my role in the crimes of the Sethekk, but perhaps by restoring the relics of Terokk to my people, I can begin to redeem myself.

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