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NeutralTerokk's Legacy
Start Isfar
End Isfar
Level 69 (Requires 65)
Type Dungeon
Category Sethekk Halls
Experience 15400
Rewards  [The Saga of Terokk]
or  [Terokk's Mask]
or  [Terokk's Quill]


Bring Terokk's Mask, Terokk's Quill, and the Saga of Terokk to Isfar outside the Sethekk Halls.


My people honor an ancient hero named Terokk. Arakkoa hatchlings are regaled with stories of his deeds and descriptions of his beautiful plumage.

He dwelt among my people for hundreds of years, but mysteriously vanished one day, leaving only his mask, spear, and writings behind.

The relics are cherished by the arakkoa, but they were heartbroken when the Sethekk bore the objects away from Skettis at their departure.

I have written down what little I know about their location within the halls.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv misc book 07.png [The Saga of Terokk] Inv misc bandana 03.png [Terokk's Mask]
Inv spear 08.png [Terokk's Quill]

You will also receive:

  • 15400 XP


The relics of Terokk have been absent from Skettis for too long. Were you able to recover them from the Sethekk?


I may never truly be forgiven for my role in the crimes of the Sethekk, but perhaps by restoring the relics of Terokk to my people, I can begin to redeem myself.

Thank you for helping me in this, <name>. You have no idea of the magnitude of what you've done this day.

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