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For the character from the main universe, see Terokk.
Image of Terokk
Title <The Talon King>
Gender Male
Race Arakkoa (Humanoid)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Arakkoa Outcasts
Occupation Former Talon King of the Arakkoa, King of the Outcasts and Founder of Skettis
Location Various
Status Active
Relative(s) Lithic

Talon King Terokk was the greatest king of the arakkoa, who once ruled from Skyreach before being cast into the Sethekk Hollow and suffering from the curse of Sethe. He now waits in a world of shadows to be called back into the physical world and face the enemies of his people.

Terokk built many wayshrines across the Spires of Arak.[citation needed] 


Terokk - Spires of Arak

Terokk before being killed by adventurer.

Terrok Battle

Terokk doing battle with the Bloodmane saberon, before becoming cursed.

Six hundred years before the opening of the Dark Portal,[1] Talon King Terokk was an ancient king of the arakkoa of the spires of Arak. He was beloved by the people and would often wear a mask to walk among them in hiding.[2] The closest individual to Terokk was his daughter Lithic, who crafted a golden bangle for him that he always wore. He shared power with an order of priests called the Anhar.[1]

Terokk had many enemies, among them stalkers, wind serpents, colossi, and even fellow arakkoa.[3] One enemy in particular was Pridelord Karash of the Bloodmane saberon, who once declared war against the arakkoa. His torment of the arakkoa caused them to wonder why their sun goddess Rukhmar had seemingly withdrawn her favor.[1] Rather than send his troops, Terokk arrived to the battlefield in person and slaughtered most of the saberon.[4] Terokk's victory over Pridelord Karash caused the arakkoa to celebrate Terokk as a living legend. Indeed, they even claimed him to be Rukhmar's reincarnation. The Anhari priesthood began to grow nervous, for up until this point they alone had been allowed to speak in the sun goddess's name. Terokk used his widespread support to build a new city, Skyreach, that called back to the accomplishments of the ancient Apexis. He created new laws restricting the authority of the Anhar order, declaring that high arakkoan society must be guided by a thirst for knowledge and wisdom, not by fear and superstition.[1]

But however much his people loved and respected Terokk, the Anhari at Skyreach were jealous of him. Hungry for control, they conspired against Terokk and tossed both him and his daughter Lithic into the pools at Sethekk Hollow, which were formed eons ago in the death of the primal god Sethe. While Terokk survived the fall, Lithic did not; in his despair, Terokk surrendered to the darkness as his body withered and contorted, transforming Terokk into a flightless shadow of his former self. From that day forward Skyreach would be ruled not by a king but by the Anhari, now calling themselves the Adherents of Rukhmar.

A presence called Terokk from the brink of despair, however. Anzu, the great dread raven god, urged Terokk forward. Now mutated and flightless but with powers of darkness, Terokk moved forward and rallied his fellow broken arakkoa who the Adherents had also tossed into the pools. They moved through the Sethekk Hollow until they came across Inv misc orb 04 [The Eye of Anzu] and met Anzu for the first time.

Anzu gifted Terokk and his followers dark powers and arcane sorcery.[1] In time, they would come to be known as Talonpriests. Together, Terokk, Anzu, and the Talonpriests would build the refuge city of Skettis among Apexis ruins[1] and protect the unwanted children of Rukhmar: the Arakkoa Outcasts. The regions of Talador near to the Spires of Arak came under their control and became known as Terokkar Forest.[1]

When Terokk returned from exile he was broken and flightless. Rumors of his cursed state swept like wildfire through the arakkoa, giving rise to superstitious charms and cures.[5]

However, as the years went on Terokk's health declined, grief tore at his heart, and Sethe's curse chewed at his mind. He began to hate the world, abandoning Skettis and even sacrificing the lower castes[6] of his own people to dark powers in search of a cure.[7] The arakkoa did not seem to know the reason for this abandonment and attributed it to them turning away from the worship of Rukhmar.[8] Hoping to rejuvenate their king, the Talonpriests sealed Terokk away in the shadows. All that was left of Terokk were several artifacts he left behind.[7] But Terokk was foretold to return some day.[9]

At the time of the war in Draenor, the Talonpriests work to return Terokk to the physical world by gathering his scattered artifacts across the Spires of Arak and save them from both the Adherents of Rukhmar and the Shattered Hand clan of orcs. After gathering the relics, Reshad tells an adventurer the story of Terokk. As the adventurer receives visions of Terokk's life, Terokk witnessed the adventurer's past as well.[10]

Although Shadow-Sage Iskar wants to bring Terokk back physically, Reshad is concerned that Terokk will lead the arakkoa further into darkness and does not want to repeat the mistakes of the past. Instead, Terokk imbues the adventurer with his power after a battle in order to face off against Kargath Bladefist. Unfortunately, it is not enough and Kargath survives. Following his defeat at Kargath's hands, Terokk's spirit tells the arakkoa to strike their own path, lay the past to rest, and raise new champions.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
N [30-40] A Worthy Vessel 102 35,888
Veil Terokk ?? 149,040


Objective of
Shade of Terokk


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  • My people will find their way.
  • Rukhmar has forgotten us.
  • I have returned.
  • Leave the past behind.
  • Our burdens do not define us.
  • Raven watch over you.


  • Eschewing traditional arakkoan weaponry, Terokk carried the Inv mace 1h arakkoa c 01 [Beakbreaker of Terokk] as a symbol of his fall from king to outcast heretic. Rumors have persisted for centuries that rather than employing traditional wing-cutting as a punishment, Terokk simply shattered the beaks of those who dared to oppose him.[11] In his final, darkest days, Terokk used it to perform grim, damnable acts of sacrifice.[12]
  • Upon hitting exalted with the Arakkoa Outcasts, Terokk thanks the adventurer, names him their Talon King, unlocking Inv tabard a 76arakkoaoutcast [Mantle of the Talon King] and Talon Guard Kurekk as a follower.
  • Terokk is voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

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