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NeutralTerokkar Forest
Level: 15 - 30
Battle Pet Level: 18 - 19
Capital(s) Neutral Shattrath City

IconSmall Arakkoa Arakkoa
DraeneiDraenei Draenei
UndeadUndead Undead
Blood elfBlood elf Blood elf
HumanHuman Human
High elfHigh elf High elf
OrcOrc Orc
Fel orcFel orc Fel orc
Ethereal Ethereal
Broken Broken

IconSmall LostOne Lost Ones
Ruler(s) Neutral IconSmall Naaru A'dal
Former ruler(s) Mob IconSmall Arakkoa Terokk †
Major settlements Mob Skettis
Alliance Allerian Stronghold
Horde Stonebreaker Hold
Mob Firewing Point
Affiliation Neutral Sha'tar
Mob Skettis
Location Southern Outland

Terokkar Forest after Talador became corrupted.

Terokkar Forest (pronounced "TEH-row-kawr"),[1] once known as Talador and the Spires of Arak, is a zone in Outland located east of Nagrand, west of Shadowmoon Valley, southeast of Zangarmarsh, and southwest of Hellfire Peninsula. This forest was most likely named after Terokk, the greatest king in arakkoa history. Formerly it was known as Talador.

Terokkar was seen as the Bone Wastes in previous maps and lore sources, but the Bone Wastes themselves are now a sub-region within the Terokkar Forest zone.


Once known as Talador, the region was a forest of red and orange leaved trees that bathed the entire area in a perpetual autumn hue. These beautiful olemba trees, and the draenei's equally impressive gardens surrounded the draenei's greatest city on Draenor; Shattrath. A splendorous monument to the skills of the draenei artificers, even in exile, the city's greatness was matched by that of the holy mausoleum Auchindoun; the place where all draenei souls prepared for their journey into the afterlife and where many of their bodies were laid to rest. The smaller city, Tuurem, was just as noteworthy as its more magnificent neighbors as it sat at a crossroads in the area and one seeking to travel from Shattrath to Karabor would likely pass through the city. At this time, only the region closest to the Spires of Arak was known as Terokkar Forest by the Arakkoa Outcasts and it was under their control.[2]

When the Orcish Horde rampaged across Draenor, Talador was rendered the draenei's final stronghold. The Orcish Horde were repelled from Talador for a time, but when they imbibed the Blood of Mannoroth the demonic fury they were granted gave them the power they needed to cut through to the city of Shattrath itself. Their fel magic corrupted the region, turning the red and orange trees a pale, dusky green that transformed the forest into a dark, eerie woodland. The siege of Shattrath ultimately left the city in ruins and the draenei scattered and presumed extinct by the orcs and their Burning Legion masters.

Once the majority of the Orcish Horde departed for Azeroth, all of Talador came under the dominion of the Arakkoa Outcasts and it was all renamed Terokkar in honor of their lost king. At a later point, the orcs who had conquered Auchindoun performed a ritual that destroyed the building and much of the surrounding area, creating the Bone Wastes.


The flora consists of mostly dark green forest vegetation of crystal pines known as olemba trees. Shattrath City lies in the northwestern portion of zone. Alliance and Horde each have a town.

The multi-winged instance Auchindoun can be found in this zone, containing four separate 5-man dungeons. There are no raid dungeons, micro dungeons, battlegrounds, or arenas in this zone. The spirit towers of the Bone Wastes provide a world PvP opportunity.

Every so often you can hear a roar while near Auchindoun - this is Teribus the Cursed, flying in circles around Auchindoun.

Maps and subregions[]

VZ-Terokkar Forest

Map of Terokkar Forest.

Removed locations

Lore locations

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Concept art.

Terokkar Forest


Dungeon Name Level Range Group Size
Instance portal Mana-Tombs 62-80 5-man
Instance portal Auchenai Crypts 63-80 5-man
Instance portal Sethekk Halls 65-80 5-man
Instance portal Shadow Labyrinth 67-80 5-man

World PvP[]

Travel hubs[]

Alliance Allerian Stronghold
Horde Stonebreaker Hold
Neutral Shattrath City

Adjacent regions[]

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Hellfire Peninsula AllianceHorde 58-80 Northeast Normal
Zangarmarsh AllianceHorde 60-80 Northwest Normal
Nagrand AllianceHorde 64-80 West Normal
Shadowmoon Valley AllianceHorde 67-80 East Normal

Notable characters[]

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Archmage Khadgar resides in Shattrath City and can be found in its center.


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Patch changes[]

  • Legion Patch 7.3.5 (2018-01-16): Level scaling implemented, previous zone level: 62 - 65.
  • Bc icon Patch 2.0.3 (2007-01-09): Added.

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