For lore about Teron Gorefiend, see Teron Gorefiend.
Teron Gorefiend
Race Death knight
Base Unit Death Knight
Faction Horde
Hit Points 180 (+200%)
Armor 2 (+2)
Sight 9 (Normal)
Speed 8 (Normal)
Basic Damage 0 (Normal)
Piercing Damage 16 (+78%)
Range 4 (+33%)
Mana 255 Mana
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

The ancient Orc spirit of Gorefiend writhes within the decaying body of this fallen Knight of Azeroth. Malicious and extremely cunning, Gorefiend desires to open his own Portal from Draenor and claim a world for his own. Although the wretched Death Knight has discerned the true magikal nature of the Dark Portal, he would share that knowledge with Ner'zhul for a price.[1]


Touch of Darkness
Basic attack (does not use Mana)

By enveloping their truncheons with the dark essence of Hel, the Death Knights are able to deplete vital energies from those they lash out against. Their ability to discharge this energy over short distances makes this a menacing attack. Although the effects of this spell are abhorrent to the living, the Touch of Darkness is a[sic] but a lesser enchantment within the arsenal of these vile horsemen.[2]

Death Coil
Powerful attack that heals back the caster (costs: 100 Mana, range: 10)

Death Coil is a particularly potent variation of the Touch of Darkness spell. By channeling the necromantic powers of the underworld through his ghoulish form, the Death Knight creates a field of dark energy that drains the life-force from any who come in contact with it. This life-force is then consumed - thereby replenishing the strength of one so enchanted, be he friend or foe. The icy embrace of death can be beneficial...for those who know how to control it.[2]

Upgrades target's movement speed (and attack rate if Dragon or Gryphon) (costs: 50 Mana, range: 6)

By magically increasing the speed at which a body generates vital energy, the caster may bestow great speed to any being. All actions taken by one so enchanted are swifter than a common adversary - an advantage that is evident on the battlefield. The effects of Haste can persist for but a short time.[2]

Unholy Armor
Damages the target unit but makes it invulnerable for a short time. Does not protect against Polymorph (costs: 25 Mana, range: 12)

This ancient Necromantic spell transforms a portion of the recipient's life force into an unearthly, phantasmal suit of armor. This spectral armor then absorbs the damage from any attack directed at its wearer for a limited amount of time. As the magiks that link this armor to its host cease, so will the invulnerability that it grants.[2]

Death and Decay
Ranged AoE damage (costs: 25 Mana, range: 12)

The aphotic, swirling clouds conjured by the Death Knights can cause anything within their path to rot and decompose. The vapor created by Decay can consume anything - flesh, bone, wood or even the strongest metal. Heavily laden with base substances, these clouds descend and quickly diffuse, leaving only suffering in their wake.[2]

Summons an uncontrollable but powerful whirlwind over an area (costs: 100 Mana, range: 12)

This focusing of the winds of the underworld causes any caught within to be cast about with great force and violence. Bones are easily shattered and mainsails are quickly snapped within the torrents of these fierce winds. The howl of these winds allow no commands to be issued to those trapped within the Whirlwind, rendering those unfortunates helpless until the magiks fade.[2]

Raise Dead
Summons the controllable skeletons of up to 5 dead units (costs: 50 Mana per Skeleton, range: 6; affects a very large area)

This dark magik is the final legacy of the Orc Necrolytes who were destroyed shortly after the First War. The Death Knight can animate corpses of the newly dead and then command these monstrosities to attack their enemies. This terrifying spell is the paramount power of the Death Knight as it serves to augment the Horde forces with vast armies of the Undead.[2]


  • Teron Gorefield is a hero with much higher stats than a normal Death Knight. His basic attack is also much more powerful, but his spellcasting abilities are otherwise no better than that of other Death Knights.
  • He is the most often appearing Horde hero in Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal. He is controllable in the Horde missions The Rift Awakened, New Stormwind, The Eye of Dalaran and The Dark Portal. Keeping him alive is a victory condition in the first two missions, but not in the last two. He also appears as an enemy in the Alliance mission The Heart of Evil.
  • When placed on a custom map, Teron starts the game with a mana bar and knows only the spells Touch of Darkness and Death Coil. Others must be researched at a Temple of the Damned before he can use them. In the campaign, he will start knowing the same spells as your other Death Knights.