The entrance into the Terrace of Ten Thunders.

A section of the large ruins.

The Terrace of Ten Thunders was a massive mogu fortress now in ruins in northeastern Jade Forest. It's here the mogu Spiritclaws, a sect of assassin-priests, have been calling forth ancient spirits to be used in the ancient mogu statues that litter the ruins.

Shan Jitong, leader of these conjurers, has begun a large scale ritual to summon several spirits. While in the process the spirit of Pei-Zhi was called forth and aids the heroes in stopping this ritual.

At the ruins' northwest end is the Seat of the Spirit Waker, while further west is Tideview Thicket.

Ruins of Gan Shi Digsite

The area is also a mogu archaeology dig site.


  • During the Mists of Pandaria beta, these ruins were known as the Ruins of Gan Shi.

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