The Terrace with several mobs of demons.

The Terrace from Parhelion Plaza.

Terrace of the Sun is an area inside Sunwell Plateau. It is the third outside subzone of the plateau and, like the Parhelion Plaza, is where a majority of its mobs species is found lurking. It is overrun by various Legion demons and the felblood elves.

The Terrace is split into 2 parts, the infamous gauntlet after the Dead Scar, and the open balcony & spiraling ramp section after the Witch's Sanctum that leads to M'uru.


After Agamath

  • Blazing Infernal - Summoned infernal demon of the Soulbinder
  • Felguard Slayer - Summoned Felguard demon of the Soulbinder
  • Shadowsword Assassin - Rogue, invisible before aggro.
  • Shadowsword Lifeshaper - Caster, drains life.
  • Shadowsword Manafiend - Caster, drains mana and arcane explodes.
  • Shadowsword Soulbinder - Warlock, summons demonic allies and can mind control.
  • Shadowsword Vanquisher - Melee, cleaves and reduces armor.

After Rohender

  • Apocalypse Guard - Doomguard, ceases all taking of non-holy damage at low health.
  • Cataclysm Hound - Void terror, casts a nasty breath in a cone radius.
  • Chaos Gazer - Floating eye, can petrify and steal the life of their enemies.
  • Doomfire Destroyer - Abyssal, will rapidly spawn Doomfire Shard mobs.
  • Doomfire Shard - Spawned of the Doomfire Destroyer, has the exact abilities minus the spawning.
  • Oblivion Mage - Man'ari eredar, will shadowseed their enemies and polymorph.
  • Painbringer - Wrathguard, will continuously empower themselves to do 750 more physical damage rapidly.
  • Priestess of Torment - Shivarra, will rapidly drop threat and all her attacks destroy mana.
  • Volatile Fiend - Rapidly runs down the end of their path and explodes (Deadscar).
  • Volatile Felfire Fiend - Found in a large pack, they explode upon death, also found in the Kil'jaeden encounter.