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Start Kelsey Steelspark
End Kelsey Steelspark
Level 48 (Requires 46)
Experience 6290
Rewards 70s (+37s 50c at max level)
Shareable Yes
Next A [48] You Too, Brute?


Obtain a Turtle-Digested Key from a Surf Glider.


We need to obtain the object described in this journal, for certain. Extracting it from a chest would be a feasible matter, but the object itself sounds compromised, and unstable. Attempting to forcefully open the chest could be disastrous.

Fortunately, we know where the key is...statistically speaking, at least. There's plenty of sea turtles at the east end of this beach. One of them may hold the key.


You will receive: 70s (+37s 50c at max level)


Hopefully your spree of turtle destruction left it intact.


Well, gosh, this day just keeps getting better and better! I may actually smile.

When you're not looking. You've seen enough of that already.


  1. A [47] Land's End
  2. A [48] Terrapination
  3. A [48] You Too, Brute?

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