Terrie Denman is Senior VFX Artist on World of Warcraft.[1] Her responsibilities are designing visual effects kits for existing and new player classes, environment effects, and effects for boss encounters. She works cross discipline regularly to make optimized real-time visual effects. She notably made the Violet Spellwing mount.[2]


Denman joined Blizzard in 2005 as an Associate Exterior Environment Artist, being involved with asset creation for World of Warcraft such as prop kits, environmental asset kits, creating small demo zones in the game editor for exterior designers to reference, visual effects, building collision models, and baking sound events into assets. She then became 3D Artist a few months later working in asset creation from Patch 2.0.1 to Patch 4.3.4,[3] and received additional responsabilities such as art direction for visual kits, and concepting and storyboarding visual effects. She moved to her current position in 2012.[3]

In 2012 Denman received the CEO Discretionary Award for her work on Mists of Pandaria.[3]


  • Denman was involved in the creation of the  [Molten Corgi]'s most infamous idle animation.[4]


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