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Gender Female
Race Night elf
Class Druid
Affiliation(s) Darnassus
Status Alive
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Teshara is a night elf druid who participated in the War of the Thorns. She is very young, appearing to be barely into her training.[1] She is described as slight[2] with a shock of short green hair.[2][3]

After the Horde began to push through Ashenvale toward Darnassus, Malfurion Stormrage sent Teshara to recall the night elven fleet, which was at the time en route to Feralas. Teshara reached Shandris Feathermoon and Cordressa Briarbow's ship in storm crow form and delivered the dire news, then — on Shandris' orders — prepared to inform the ships farther behind in the fleet, despite heir exhaustion. Shandris told Teshara that she might have saved her people by delivering the message, and the young druid brightened.[1] Days later, Teshara returned to Malfurion near the border with Darkshore to report that the fleet had arrived, and moments later her words were confirmed when the fleet began to bombard the Horde forces on the Zoram Strand, forcing them to retreat to the forest. Teshara was eager to attack them on the beach, but Shandris informed her that it was better to wait, since not all of the kaldorei ships had arrived and the elves did not have the numbers for direct combat. Hours later, Teshara scouted a large number of Horde soldiers who had been sent to search for a way into Darkshore through Felwood's mountains.[3]

However, the tide quickly turned when the Horde began boarding and bombarding the night elven ships with arcane projectiles while other forces found a path into Darkshore to begin attacking the night elves from behind. Malfurion gave Teshara a letter to deliver to Tyrande Whisperwind in Stormwind. Teshara protested that she wanted to fight, but Malfurion replied that she would best serve by obeying his orders. Teshara briefly knelt, said it had been an honor to serve the shan'do, then shifted into storm crow form and flew off to obey.[4] Shortly after, she arrived in Stormwind, delivered a note to Genn Greymane, and burst into tears as she delivered Malfurion's letter to Tyrande.[2]


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