Testing the Tonic

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HordeTesting the Tonic
Start Wizlo Bearingshiner
End Magistrix Elosai
Level 28 (Requires 27)
Category Thousand Needles
Experience 230-2300
Reputation Silvermoon City +250
Rewards 25s
Repeatable No
Previous H [28] A Dip in the Moonwell

Testing the Tonic is a Horde quest in Thousand Needles that requires players to take the  [Crate of Reagents] from Wizlo Bearingshiner in Whitereach Post to Magistrix Elosai in Freewind Post so she can finish her experiments in finding a cure for the Blood Elves' magical addiction. You must have completed H [28] A Dip in the Moonwell in order to get this quest.


Deliver the  [Crate of Reagents] to Magistrix Elosai at Freewind Post.


<Wizlo retrieves the water sample from the robot and places it in a crate with the boulderkin earth and several other items.>

There you go, that's everything on Magistrix Elosai's list. Tell her that it's been a pleasure working with her and that I wish her luck in her research.


You will receive: 25s


Were you and Wizlo able to gather the reagents?


Excellent, it appears that everything is here. Now, all I have to do is mix everything together and give it a try. If this tonic does what my research indicates it should do, I may have discovered a way to lessen the effects of my people's magic addiction.

You're about to witness history in the making, <name>. Just think, without your help, this wouldn't have been possible.

Additional Notes

After the quest is completed, the following occurs:

<Magistrix Elosai removes the reagents from the crate and mixes portions of each in a flask.>
Magistrix Elosai says: I've endured much hardship to complete my research and with your help, <name>, I've finally done it. Here's to a brighter future!
Magistrix Elosai says: I feel... lightheaded... What's... happening to me?
Magistrix Elosai says: No, this can't be! This tonic... it was supposed to reverse my addiction, not hasten my descent into the ranks of the Wretched!
Magistrix Elosai says: All those years of research... and for nothing! Perhaps they were right, perhaps this is something we must learn to live with.


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