Thalassian Pass.

The Thalassian Pass[48, 85] is the passage through the mountains south from Quel'Thalas to the Eastern Plaguelands, and is located in the far southern Ghostlands.

The large gatehouse near the portal is believed to be one of the elfgates gates that sealed off Quel'Thalas from Lordaeron. The gates are flanked by Scourge banners — possibly placed when the Scourge snuck through Quel'Thalas' defenses, aided by the traitor Dar'Khan Drathir.


  • It is marked with a large portal that once hindered non-BC owners from entering Quel'Thalas.
  • A copy of the Pass (minus the main building) is found in the Eastern Kingdoms terrain, but it is inaccessible by normal means.


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It might have been the Greenwood Pass.


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