Not to be confused with Thalis Moonleaf.
NeutralThalyss Greyoak
Image of Thalyss Greyoak
Gender Male
Race Night elf
Class Druid
Location Buried near Skypeak in Feralas
Status Deceased
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Thalyss Greyoak was a night elven druid over 10,000 years old. He didn't sleep on beautiful nights, and in fact he hasn't slept during any night in the wild for precisely 9,013 years. He knew Murloc and Taur-ahe. He carried seeds and acorns which he used to grow food, and his eyes were of glowing silver color.


Some time after the Cataclysm, while in Feralas, he stumbled upon the youngsters Aramar Thorne, Makasa Flintwill and Murky, being drawn to an energy, later revealed coming from Aram's magical compass. At first, he watched them as a shapeshifted stag, being almost caught by Makasa as a meal. He then approached them as a night elf and offered them any help and food they needed since they all were heading to Gadgetzan. Upon admitting being drawn by an energy, he inspected the compass and revealed its properties being celestial. He soon was helping them against the Hidden as, at one point, he smashed the Forsaken Reigol Valdread who offered a deal - the compass for the recently captured Murky. Thalyss and Aram couldn't save the murloc as they were caught by Wordok and his group of ogres from the Gordunni clan, Thalyss being knocked out during the fight. He later awoke but didn't dare to escape so the two were brought to Dire Maul before King Gordok to fight in gladiatorial duels for ogres' amusement. The two started introducing to the rest of the slaves, finding Murky's family and friends.

Thalyss was paired to fight against Woolbeard, but only after Aram and Hackle would finish their fight. The gnoll and Aram resolved not to finish their fight so King Gordok summoned the wyvern Old One-Eye. Aram managed to break her thorn collar but she didn't leave the ruined city and Thalyss realized that there must be something else still holding her here. From the murlocs he learned about her cubs being held in a thorn dome. When the Hidden entered Dire Maul, Malus fought and killed King Gordok, and chaos erupted. At that moment, Aram, Thalyss and the reunited Makasa rushed to the dome. Thalyss used his druidism on an acorn that erupted into a mighty oak that shattered the dome. The cubs were thus retrieved and they flew eastward from the city. Having helped One-Eye's cubs, Thalyss, Aram, Makasa, Murky and Hackle hoped on the wyvern and started taking off. Malus noticed that and shouted to stop them. The sand troll Zathra responded by firing crossbow bolts at the direction of the boy. Thalyss, having seen the danger, pushed Aram down and the bolts hit the druid's back. His life began to fade.

Landing atop Skypeak, place dear to the druid as he once had a drinking night near the mountain, he accepted his final defeat, and asked Aram to continue protecting the compass as well as to finish his own journey to Gadgetzan and deliver a pouch to his old friend named Faeyrine Springsong, for whom he deeply cared. Once he was gone, Makasa removed the bolts and they resolved to bury him near Skypeak. One-Eye took them off the mountain. As they flew, the compass flew off and they followed it. Thalyss's body hit the ground brutally in the subsequent fast descent. The wyvern then dug a hole in the place where the compass had previously impacted. After they buried him there, Aram and the rest spat on his grave - not as an insult but as an honor for the druid.[1]


  • He was called Duluss by Murky.
  • Thalyss was a dear friend to the elves of New Thalanaar.[2]