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For the similarly named dwarven family, see Thaurissan family. For the similarly named elven tongue, see Thalassian.
Image of Thassarian
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid / Undead)
Class Frost Death knight
Affiliation(s) Knights of the Ebon Blade, Valiance Expedition, Stormwind,[1] Alliance
Former affiliation(s) Death Knights of Acherus, Scourge, 1st Legion, Kingdom of Lordaeron, Alliance of Lordaeron
Occupation Champion of the Ebon Blade, Alliance officer, First of the Alliance death knights
Location Various
Status Active (undead)
Relative(s) Killoren (father),[2] Vivian (mother),[2] Leryssa (sister)
Mentor(s) Sergeant Yuval
Companion(s) Lurid (minion), Dusk (mount), Koltira Deathweaver ("brother")

“I have a role to play now. I'm part of a chain. And I will not be the weakest link in that chain.”

— To Vivian

Thassarian is the first death knight to join the Alliance. As a young man, he joined the Lordaeron army hoping to follow in his father's footsteps. Thassarian followed Prince Arthas on his expedition to Northrend, where he was slain and reanimated by the Scourge. He was forced to kill his own mother to prove his loyalty and took part in the scourging of Lordaeron and Quel'Thalas. One of the few death knights of Acherus who maintained a genuine sense of honor and brotherhood, Thassarian developed a strong bond with the elf Koltira Deathweaver despite being enemies in life, considering themselves brothers in death.

During the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel, he was freed from the Lich King's control along with many other death knights and joined the newly-formed Knights of the Ebon Blade under Highlord Darion Mograine. Thassarian then traveled to Stormwind to serve King Varian and became the first death knight to rejoin the Alliance. He reunited with his sister Leryssa while fighting in the War against the Lich King. After the war, Thassarian remained a loyal soldier to his king while also maintaining his friendship with Koltira, even when they were forced to confront each other during the Battle for Andorhal.


Third War[]

Comics title This section concerns content related to the Warcraft manga or comics.

Thassarian as he appears on the cover of Death Knight.


Thassarian, soldier of Lordaeron.


Thassarian, lieutenant of the Scourge.

Before the coming of the Scourge, Thassarian was a simple farm boy being trained by his father, who was a farmer but also a soldier. His father taught him a lesson that he would follow for the rest of his life If soldiers don't follow orders, defeat is sure to follow. After the death of his father (presumably by the orcs of the Second War), Thassarian became the man of the house and watched over the farm, his mother Vivian, and his sister Leryssa. When word of the plague reached them, Thassarian became more vigilant over his home and stayed up almost every night. His sister passed the plague off as simple rumors. One day, he decided to fulfill his dream and follow in his father's footsteps. He enlisted in a barracks nearby and went to train with his family friend William Allerton under a commander known as Sergeant Yuval.

One day, a promotion was offered to the best combatant in a melee and Thassarian wanted to win it badly. After defeating three combatants, the fourth one threw a dagger at Thassarian's head. Luckily, it hit him with the hilt. After the battle, Yuval approached Thassarian to tell him that he should forget about rising through the ranks and be proud to be a simple skilled soldier that wins battles. While this was hard to bear, he remembered what his father had told him. One day, William came rushing with an urgent message that the prince wanted every available soldier to join him in a hunt. Thassarian accepted but his mother and sister knew that this would be the last time they would see each other. After drying her tears, Vivian gave Thassarian an amulet that used to belong to his father as her blessing.

Subsequently, he traveled with Prince Arthas and the rest of the 1st Legion to Northrend to hunt Mal'Ganis, fighting side by side with William against the undead. When Arthas and Captain Falric went missing, Thassarian went to search for them alone. He discovered Frostmourne Cavern, where he found Falric who had already been converted to a death knight by Arthas. The death knight slew Thassarian. He was then raised as a death knight by Arthas,[3] serving him as his lieutenant.

Thassarian returned to Capital City with Arthas and assisted in the massacre of its citizens. Arthas forced him to slay his mother, Vivian, to prove his loyalty. This horrific event continued to haunt him, and it remained, perhaps, his last scrap of humanity for some time. After the death of Vivian, Thassarian tossed the amulet she gave him. William survived the massacre and retrieved the amulet, and after this he left Lordaeron.

Arthas' assault on Quel'Thalas introduced Thassarian to the high elves Koltira and his brother, Faltora, at An'owyn, where he pursued the mooncrystal to open the second moongate and proceed with their attack. Thassarian nearly killed Faltora, but, upon remembering his mother, he decided to show a moment of mercy. He returned to Arthas with the mooncrystal that he recovered. Koltira later confronted Thassarian and questioned why he didn't murder his brother, hoping to convince him to regain his humanity. This attempt failed, and Thassarian killed Koltira, who was returned to undeath as another death knight. Koltira and Thassarian developed a significant friendship that lasts to this day.

Years later, after the Lich King had awoken, he ordered his death knights under the leadership of Darion Mograine to attack Light's Hope Chapel using the necropolis Acherus with the goal of raising the thousand or so Alliance soldiers buried beneath it to bolster the ranks of the Scourge and deal a significant blow to the Argent Dawn. Thassarian, Koltira, and Orbaz Bloodbane were stationed at Acherus: The Ebon Hold. Their first mission was to go behind enemy lines and find out what they could about the Crimson Dawn. During the process Koltira got captured and Thassarian was willing to break the Scourge code concerning the weak to free him.

The attack on Light's Hope Chapel ended with a defeat for the death knights. Many of the family of the death knights were buried at Light's Hope Chapel, and the spirits of their relatives rose to convince them to lay down their weapons. Thassarian was convinced by his father, Killoren, to stand down. Mograine declared the independence of the Knights of the Ebon Blade. Thassarian traveled to Stormwind and met with King Varian Wrynn who accepted the Knights of Ebon Blade as allies and readmitted its members as members of the Alliance.[2][4] After this, he went to the Blue Recluse for a drink. He chose this place because he used to come here for the great food, drinks and conversation. He started such a conversation with the innkeeper Steven Lohan when he ordered a mug of ale. Steven told him he heard of the king's announcement and asked him what he'll do when the Lich King is dead. When Steven asked him if he'll return to his family, Thassarian simply said he had no family.

Wrath of the Lich King[]

Comics title This section concerns content related to the Warcraft manga or comics.
Wrath-Logo-Small This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King.

Thassarian at the Wailing Ziggurat in Borean Tundra.


Thassarian, Champion of the Alliance.

After joining the Alliance he traveled to Northrend and enlisted in with the Valiance Expedition. There at first he had to kill random Scourge in the area but later he was called to return to the Valiance Keep, where Counselor Talbot made him the leader of Unit S and under orders he marched to Wailing Ziggurat to dispose of it and use the Scourge technology against the Lich King. When Unit S approached their destination, they got attacked by terrible beasts. During the battle, he raised a skeletal warrior, naming him Lurid. Thassarian thought why would Talbot send the Unit to meet their death. They eventually discovered that one of the soldiers in the unit was actually a spy for the Cult of the Damned.[5] Only two men are known to have survived from Unit S. Thassarian and Lurid continued to the ziggurat. He found (in-game with the help of an adventurer) Tanathal's phylactery and started to interrogate him and the High Deathpriest Isidorus. After getting what he wanted, he traveled to Naxxanar, where he killed Luthion the Vile. Finally, he confronted Counselor Talbot who was truly Prince Valanar.[6] Atop of Naxxanar, Prince Valanar was speaking with the projection of the Lich King and was about to give him General Arlos and Leryssa. After a fierce battle, Thassarian defeated Valanar and rescued his sister and the general.[7][8] After this, he said farewell to his sister and promised her that he will return to her once his task is done.

After his victory and rescuing his sister in Borean Tundra, he traveled to Icecrown Citadel on the The Skybreaker where he sought to further damage the Scourge. Being a former Scourge minion, he knew many things about the Scourge and sent random soldiers to gather information about the cult, find flesh giant spines, neutralizing plague cauldrons, and kill important Scourge members. His efforts and those of Koltira Deathweaver allowed the Alliance and Horde forces to break through Mord'rethar: The Death Gate, Aldur'thar: The Desolation Gate and Corp'rethar: The Horror Gate, each made almost entirely of saronite, near indestructible, and manned by massive Scourge constructs, as it was the sole way for any kind of force to invade Icecrown Citadel.[9]

He later appeared with Koltira and their brethren of the Ebon Blade in the Cathedral of Darkness, arriving in time to battle Arthas Menethil himself and relieve the Argent Crusaders of their unfavorable predicament. After Tirion destroyed what remained of the Lich King's heart, however, Darion was more in favor of patience and everyone pulled back through a Death Gate. Later, Thassarian regretted having to let the Lich King live in his weakened state.[10][11]


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

Thassarian and Lurid in Andorhal, commanding Alliance forces against the Forsaken.

The Alliance and Forsaken were fighting over control of Andorhal and the remaining Scourge presence there. The Alliance, led by Thassarian, took control of the western portion of the town while the Forsaken, led by Koltira Deathweaver, took control of the eastern portion.[12] Over the course of the Battle for Andorhal, Thassarian sent Alliance heroes to deal with the remaining Scourge forces and after defeating their leaders, Thassarian and Koltira entered a truce. Some time afterward, human farmers formed a militia and launched a sneak attack on Koltira's Forsaken forces. With his hand forced, Thassarian resumed the war with the Forsaken. Victory was almost in the Alliance's grasp until the Forsaken started employing the Val'kyr.[13] With the Val'kyr raising their dead, the Alliance forces were overwhelmed and were forced to retreat to Chillwind Camp. Thassarian's minion, Lurid, was killed in the Forsaken assault.[14]

With the Battle of Andorhal over, Thassarian was said to head off to Tirisfal Glades to hunt Sylvanas in an attempt to find out what happened to Koltira.[15]

Thassarian later reappeared in Mount Hyjal to do battle with the forces of Ragnaros.[16]


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

Thassarian accompanied the Deathlord to raise the new Four Horsemen. In Durotar, Nazgrim was raised as Thassarian told him that he was called to the battle. When the Deathlord arrived in Stromgarde, Galen Trollbane had told them remnants of the Witherbark tribe still lingered behind the keep. After the Deathlord took care of the remaining trolls, Galen exclaimed that his kingdom is his alone and will not have it be taken away by anyone. As Nazgrim saw this as treachery, Thassarian had lost his patience with the situation and told the Deathlord to take the family heirloom to open the tomb themselves. The Deathlord then raised Galen's father Thoras Trollbane back from the dead, who demanded to know where his son is and what has happened to his kingdom. Thassarian responded that they took his life and that the kingdom lies in ruins for time has not been kind. Even though Stromgarde was no more, he told Thoras that there was still hope to save Azeroth.

A personal request to free Koltira Deathweaver from his imprisonment in the Undercity was in order, even if it meant displeasing the Dark Lady in this dire hour. The Scarlet Monastery was where the third horseman High Inquisitor Whitemane would be raised. He said that the Knights of the Ebon Blade would offer her a chance at atonement. The price would be high, but Thassarian had little doubt she would pay it and they would see it through together.

During the Battle for the Exodar, Thassarian and Nazgrim participated in fighting against High General Rakeesh. Thassarian admitted that he was beginning to have second thoughts about Nazgrim after the orc demanded they stop continuously so he could Spell shadow soulleech 3 [Strangulate] each individual demon invader.


Shadowlands This section concerns content related to Shadowlands.
Koltira and Thassarian in Oribos

In Oribos.

Thassarian and Koltira Deathweaver have made their way to Oribos and are looking at the Maw. When spoken to, he recalls how he was raised into undeath after defending Lordaeron. He also contemplates how the Alliance's wars with the Horde seem paltry compared to the horrors beyond the veil, but the citizens of the Alliance only realize it now that the veil has been shattered, lamenting that "Such is the curse of the living. They know not what truly matters until their time has come."


Location Level range Reaction Notes
Various, Plaguelands: The Scarlet Enclave 8-30 Normal/Elite Alliance Horde As part of the death knight starting experience.
Acherus: The Ebon Hold, Eastern Plaguelands 15-30 Elite Alliance Horde
Wailing Ziggurat & Naxxanar, Borean Tundra 10-30 Elite Alliance Horde As part of the Borean Tundra storyline.
Skybreaker, Icecrown 25-30 Elite Alliance Horde As part of the Icecrown storyline.
Andorhal, Western Plaguelands 15-30 Elite Alliance Horde As part of the Western Plaguelands storyline.
Sethria's Roost, Mount Hyjal 35 Elite Alliance Horde As a guardian during N [35 Daily] The Protectors of Hyjal.
Acherus: The Ebon Hold; Durotar;
Stromgarde Keep, Arathi Highlands; Undercity; Scarlet Monastery
10-45 Elite Alliance Horde As part of the Death Knight Campaign.
Seat of the Naaru, Exodar 10-45 Elite Alliance Horde As part of the Battle for the Exodar.
Oribos 60 Elite Alliance Horde


Plaguelands: The Scarlet Enclave

  • Spell deathknight deathstrike Blood Strike — Instantly strike the enemy, causing 60% weapon damage plus 55 for each disease effect on the target.
  • Spell deathknight icetouch Icy Touch — Deals 2 to 2 Frost damage modified by attack power and reduces the target's ranged, melee attack, and casting speed by 15% for 20 sec.
  • Spell deathknight empowerruneblade Plague Strike — A vicious strike that deals weapon damage and plagues the target, dealing Shadow damage over 12 sec.
  • Spell holy aspiration The Light of Dawn — Consumed by the Light of Dawn.
Borean Tundra
  • Spell deathknight bloodpresence Empowered Blood Presence — Strengthens the Death Knight and party members within 30 yards with the presence of blood, increasing damage and healing by 15%. Only one Presence may be active at a time.
Mount Hyjal
  • Spell deathknight strangulate Death Grip — Harness the unholy energy that surrounds and binds all matter, drawing the target toward the death knight and forcing the enemy to attack the death knight for until canceled.
  • Spell deathknight empowerruneblade2 Frost Strike — Instantly strike the enemy, causing 110% weapon damage as Frost damage.
  • Spell deathknight icetouch Icy Touch — Deals Frost damage and reduces the target's ranged, melee attack, and casting speed by 15% for 8 sec.

As a champion follower[]

As a Class Hall champion, Thassarian is a Frost Death Knight with the following abilities:

  • Frost - An icy harbinger of doom, channeling runic power and delivering vicious weapon strikes to counter some Bosses.
  • Horn of Winter - Chance from successful missions to return with a Horn of Winter. Horns of Winter are given to Champions to improve success chance.
  • Mind Freeze - Smash the target's mind with cold to counter a Spell.

He can also be assigned as a bodyguard with the following abilities:


Wrath of the Lich King[]


Thassarian in Acherus: The Ebon Hold.

Thassarian and Lurid - The Skybreaker

Thassarian and Lurid onboard the Skybreaker.

He is first encountered in Acherus: The Ebon Hold as a level 55 standing next to Orbaz Bloodbane and Koltira Deathweaver. In phase two after completing N Death Knight [8-30] Victory At Death's Breach!, he relocates to the Scarlet Tavern with Bloodbane, where he is involved in the following quests:

  1. AvailablequestN Death Knight [8-30] Brothers In Death
  2. ActivequestN Death Knight [8-30] Bloody Breakout
  3. AvailablequestN Death Knight [8-30] A Cry For Vengeance!
  4. ActivequestN Death Knight [8-30] A Sort Of Homecoming

He shows up at the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel as a level 60 elite taking part in N Death Knight [8-30] The Light of Dawn.

He next appears for all classes at the Wailing Ziggurat in Borean Tundra, where he is involved in the following quests:

  1. ActivequestA [10-30] Thassarian, the Death Knight
  2. AvailablequestActivequestA [10-30] Finding the Phylactery
  3. AvailablequestActivequestA [10-30] Buying Some Time
  4. AvailablequestActivequestA [10-30] Words of Power
  5. AvailablequestActivequestA [10-30] Last Rites

Thassarian can later be found aboard the Alliance airship the Skybreaker above the skies of Icecrown. He is involved in quests that unfold The Shadow Vault among others. He also plays a part in the unfolding storyline of Wrath of The Lich King.



Objective of[]


"Sometimes lessons are painful, aren't they?" - To William Allerton.
Wailing Ziggurat gossip

All I ever wished was to serve my king once again. For humanity, against a common enemy.

Instead, I find that our numbers have been infiltrated by cultist scum.... and all of the signs point to Naxxanar as the origin of this rot."

The quest A [10-30] Last Rites
See Dialog between Thassarian and various others atop Naxxanar.
To Tanathal

Speak, Lich! Undeath won't save you from what I'll put you through!

  • How fare your efforts against the Lich King, hunter?

After quest

  • It is good to see you again, <name>. How could I ever forget the man who saved my sister's life?

With the death of the Lich King, all I have left is my duty. There is no family, there are no friends... there is only this.



Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.
Thassarian Legion

Thassarian in Acherus.


N Death knight [10-45] The Firstborn Rises

The world will cry out in anger against us, but the air that fills their lungs will have been bought with the price of our souls.


  • "Well met."
  • "I am here to serve."
  • "I am yours to command."
  • "The Ebon Blade will prevail."
  • "None shall oppose you, Deathlord."
  • "We do what the living cannot."


Main article: A Personal Request#Notes
Main article: Champion: Thassarian#Notes
Combat ally
  • Your weakness is our strength!
  • The tides of battle turn here!
  • Surrender to the Ebon Blade!


Shadowlands This section concerns content related to Shadowlands.
On approach
  • Koltira Deathweaver says: Do you recall anything from the moment of your death, Thassarian? Did the kyrian come for your soul?
Thassarian says: If they did, then I have no memory of it.
Koltira Deathweaver says: I see. What fate do you supposed the Arbiter would have chosen for us?
Thassarian says: It is pointless to speculate. What has happened cannot be changed. We can only move forward, as inexorable as Death itself.
Thassarian says: And what of you, Koltira? What do you remember of your own demise?
Koltira Deathweaver says: I remember you were the one who killed me.
Thassarian says: You are most welcome.
  • Thassarian says: The Helm of Domination has been shattered. A strange thought. For so long it has been a symbol of our curse and our duty.
Koltira Deathweaver says: And now we wield our blades on behalf of the one who wore it.
Thassarian says: Bolvar Forgragon is no longer the Lich King. If we are to take orders from anyone, I could think of far worse leaders to issue them.
Koltira Deathweaver says: Like Genn Greymane, for instance?
Thassarian says: Or Sylvanas Windrunner.
Koltira Deathweaver says: Point taken.
I first took up the sword when the Plague of Undeath first began to grip Lordaeron. In the years since, I have served as a soldier in death for far longer than I did in life.
The wars of the living seem like paltry concerns in the face of forces such as those I have glimpsed beyond the veil. My loyalty has been pledged to the Alliance, and I shall stand for its citizens until I fall for the final time. But there are far greater threats to their existence than the Horde.
Perhaps they see that now, with the skies above Icecrown torn asunder and Death breathing down their necks. Such is the curse of the living.
They know not what truly matters until their time has come.
Thassarian HS

Thassarian in Hearthstone.

Notes and trivia[]

  • Even while he was in service of the Lich King, Thassarian seemed to be a noble person. After sending the player to rescue Koltira Deathweaver — against the code of the Scourge death knight — Orbaz Bloodbane asked why he cared. Thassarian replied that, though they may have been hated enemies in life, "In death, we are brothers."
  • His blades use the same model as the two-handed sword Inv sword 71 [Endbringer].
  • Leryssa calls him Thass.
  • Ability dualwieldspecialization [Threat of Thassarian] was a passive Frost death knight ability.
  • Thassarian was voiced by Frank Welker in Wrath of the Lich King and Todd Stone in Legion.
  • Thassarian appears as a legendary death knight minion in the Core set. His flavor text reads: "A natural born leader. And an unnatural reborn leader."
  • He has two sets of invisible Follower recruiting spells:
    • The first one has the following description: Achievement character bloodelf male Follower: Thassarian — "Thassarian was a soldier of Lordaeron, serving under prince Arthas Menethil on the campaign to Northrend. He was slain by his former commmander, Falric, and reborn as a Death Knight in service to the Lich King. After the battle of Light's Hope he departed to Stormwind to convince King Varian Wrynn to accept the Knights of the Ebon Blade as allies. After spending some time serving in the armies of the Alliance he desires to fight once more for a greater cause and has returned to the Ebon Blade to join ther[sic] battle against the Legion."
    • The second one has the following description: Achievement character bloodelf female Champion: Thassarian — "There are few among the Knights of the Ebon Blade with more loyalty than Thassarian. His unwavering conviction and prowess in battle has earned him the respect of all within the order." The spell is associated to a buff that says "Thassarian is a frost death knight who uses dual runeblades and the power of frost to annihilate his enemies."


Thassarian's surprise

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