NeutralThat Little Extra Kick
Start Boots
End Boots
Level 25-30
Category Netherstorm
Experience 12000
Rewards  [After Hours Pauldrons] or  [Boot's Boots] or  [Doc's Belt] or  [Mixologist's Gloves]
3g 90s
Previous N [25-30] Securing the Shaleskin Shale

The final quest in a chain given by Boots in Area 52 of Netherstorm. This quest involves getting the stingers that drop off nether rays.


Obtain Nether Ray Stingers for Boots at Area 52 in Netherstorm


So, I'm just missing the one ingredient that'll give my concoction that little extra kick that it needs.

The sting of the nether rays, roaming around near the shaleskin flayers, delivers quite a punch. Bring me some of their stingers and I'll extract the venom right out of them!

I'm certain the results will be explosive!


You will be asked to choose one of the following:


If I can drain the venom from enough of those nether ray stingers, I think we might just have the most explosive fuel ever devised!


Wow! Alright, now we're talking!

Let me just take those little beauties and squeeze the badness right out of them. This should make a rocket fuel brew that'll blow everyone's socks off!

Here, just let me mix the shale oil and this stinger venom together, and we'll see what happens....


This quest is notorious for taking a very long time, primarily because Nether Rays are scattered all across Netherstorm with no one place to kill them. Another reason is the low drop rate of the stingers. Most of the time you're on this quest you're running from one Ray to the next, with no guarantee this one will even drop a stinger for you. Additionally, it may take you a very long time to turn in this quest after getting all the stingers, as Boots can be indisposed for long periods of time.

Turn in
Boots says: Woot! Here we go!
Boots says: Uh oh!
Boots catches fire.
Nadja says: Daddy!
Soren says: Dad!
Off-Duty Engineer says: Yikes! Someone call the fire marshal! Medic!!! Is there a doctor in the house?
Doc says: I'm a doctor! What seems to be the problem?
Doc says: Oh! Someone needs to get those fires out so I can get in there and save that goblin!
Bill says: Someone called?
Bill runs around the area and puts the fire out.
Doc says: Right... let me in there!
Doc says: Everyone clear!
Doc says: Come on! Clear!
Doc says: Dammit, Boots, I'm a doctor not a priest! Clear!
Doc says: I've got a pulse!
Boots says: I'm ok, I'm ok! Ah well, back to the drawing board on that rocket fuel!
Boots says: Thanks...
Bill says: A pleasure!


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