That Which Creates Can Also Destroy

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NeutralThat Which Creates Can Also Destroy
Start Lord Itharius
End Lord Itharius
Level 74
Category Dragonblight
Experience 31150
Reputation +650 The Wyrmrest Accord
Rewards  [Mantle of Itharius] or  [Gloves of the Emerald Stalker] or  [Verdant Hunter's Guise] or  [Breastplate of Nature's Ire]
16g 80s
Previous N [74] Seeds of the Lashers


Lord Itharius at the top of Wyrmrest Temple has asked you to destroy a Weakened Reanimated Frost Wyrm, Weakened Turgid the Vile, and Weakened Overseer Deathgaze.


Since we only have three seeds, we must put them to the best possible use.

Your targets are one of the reanimated frost wyrms circling to the north near Galakrond's Rest, Turgid the Vile[86.1, 47.1] in the ruined barracks at the Carrion Fields to the east, and Overseer Deathgaze[89.5, 19.1] at Jintha'kalar to the northeast.

While the seeds would outright destroy one of the lesser Scourge, they will greatly weaken these three. Enough so, in fact, that you should be able to handle them on your own.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv shoulder 72.png [Mantle of Itharius] Inv gauntlets 05.png [Gloves of the Emerald Stalker]
Inv helmet 121.png [Verdant Hunter's Guise] Inv chest plate07.png [Breastplate of Nature's Ire]

You will also receive: 16g 80s


What were the results? Are they destroyed?

I need answers!


Excellent. Just as I suspected all along. I shall have to contact Ysera and see if she approves.

If she can be coaxed from her nightmare, of course.

Thank you, <name>. You have been indispensable.



Frost wyrms are circling north of Wyrmrest. Turgid's in the biggest building northwest of Naxxramas, Deathgaze is in the northern camp at Jintha'kalar, just northwest of the stairs.


  1. N [74] Seeds of the Lashers
  2. N [74] That Which Creates Can Also Destroy

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