HordeThat Which Haunts the Dead
Start Bwonsamdi
End Bwonsamdi
Level 20-50
Category Nazmir
Experience 22,300
Reputation +250 Talanji's Expedition
Rewards  [Loa Speaker's Grasps]
or  [Ritual Flayer's Grasps]
or  [Death-Pledged Grasps]
or  [Nazmani Warplate Grasps]
or  [Nazmani Warplate Girdle]
or  [Loa Speaker's Cord]
or  [Death-Pledged Belt]
or  [Ritual Flayer's Belt]
46g 80s
Previous H [20-50] A Tribute for Death
Next H [20-50] A Lonely Spirit


Defeat Hex Priestess Tizeja and Warlord Malaja.


Bwonsamdi knows why ya be here. Ya be seekin' me favor.

<Bwonsamdi ponders you silently.>

A test, ta see if ya be worth Bwonsamdi's time.

Dere be spirits whose prayers sing of something called "G'huun." Dey pay me homage no more. I will not allow da desecration of me own temple!

Go and subdue da strongest of da ancient spirits.

If ya do dis for me, ya may be worth da trouble after all.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv glove cloth zandalarquest b 01.png [Loa Speaker's Grasps] Inv glove leather zandalarquest b 01.png [Ritual Flayer's Grasps]
Inv glove mail zandalarquest b 01.png [Death-Pledged Grasps] Inv glove plate zandalarquest b 01.png [Nazmani Warplate Grasps]
Inv belt plate zandalarquest b 01.png [Nazmani Warplate Girdle] Inv belt cloth zandalarquest b 01.png [Loa Speaker's Cord]
Inv belt mail zandalarquest b 01.png [Death-Pledged Belt] Inv belt leather zandalarquest b 01.png [Ritual Flayer's Belt]

You will also receive:




Ah, I feel their souls strengthening me powers. I knew ya be worth Bwonsamdi's time.


On accept the 3 quests:

  • Bwonsamdi says: Fight well, <name>. Bwonsamdi be watchin' you.
  • Hanzabu says: I need be gettin' back to Zo'bal. There be plenty more souls ta gather before I pay off me own dept.
  • Hanzabu says: Fare well, mon. I be seein' ya soon.


  1. H [20-50] The Shadow of Death
  2. H [20-50] A Culling of Souls
  3. H [20-50] Spiritual Restoration
  4. H [20-50] The Necropolis
  5. H [20-50] A Tribute for Death
  6. H [20-50] That Which Haunts the Dead, H [20-50] Remnants of the Damned & H [20-50] A Desecrated Temple
  7. H [20-50] A Lonely Spirit
  8. H [20-50] The Forlorn Soul
  9. H [20-50] Soulbound
  10. H [20-50] We'll Meet Again

Beta version

  • War Mistress Meleishi was the objective.

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