NeutralThe Accuser
Image of The Accuser
Title <Harvester of Pride>
Gender Female
Race Venthyr (Humanoid)
Level 50-60 Elite
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Court of Harvesters
Location Sinfall, Revendreth
Status Active
Relative(s) Camille (daughter)
Companion(s) Justice, Doom (pets). Gresit (apprentice)

The Accuser (real name Harriet of the Crimson Shade) is a venthyr located in Sinfall in Revendreth. She is the Harvester of Pride, bearer of the  [Medallion of Pride], which gives her control over the Ceremony Ward, thus has authority over the Halls of Atonement and is a member of the Court of Harvesters.

The first of the Court of Harvesters to openly oppose Sire Denathrius, the player initially fights to thwart her rebellion during the Revendreth storyline. As the story progresses and Denathrius' treachery comes to light, she becomes one of the adventurer's most important allies in Revendreth. The Accuser is coldhearted and ruthless, yet unflinchingly loyal to the venthyr's purpose of reforming the wicked. As such, she despises how Denathrius' pride has corrupted his original mission.


Mortal life

Her name was once Harriett the Crimson Shade. According to her sinstone, Harriett murdered countless innocents and orchestrated the deaths of even more, all for personal profit. She was also apparently misled into murdering her own daughter, Camille. Despite all the other murders she committed, this act would be the one sin she would end up regretting well into her afterlife.[1] It is unknown when she became the Harvester of Pride, or what happened to the previous one.

Revendreth storyline

When the Maw Walker first meets with Sire Denathrius to request anima to aid in the defense of the Shadowlands, he asks that they help end the rebellion in Revendreth before any deals are made.[2] The adventurer is dispatched to seize the Halls of Atonement along with Echelon the stoneborn and the Lord Chamberlain. After dispatching the troops and inquisitors protecting her sinstone, the trio face off against the Accuser with her sinstone in-hand.[3] Despite reading off her sins, it has no effect as the Accuser feels no remorse for the acts. Eventually, the Lord Chamberlain reads the final sin and uses his amulet to bring an image of the Accuser's mortal daughter Camille to life, shaking the Accuser to her core. This allows him to defeat and capture her.[4]

The Accuser is brought in a cage before Denathrius, who denounces her and sentences her to be hunted by The Fearstalker until humbled. The Accuser is unshaken, stating that Denathrius, once a true lord of fear, is now defying the will of Revendreth. She is then brought to the Grove of Terror to await being hunted.[5]

When the Fearstalker and the Maw Walker corner her, the Accuser sends Fearstalker away with a teleportation mirror. Granting the adventurer the power of [Door of Shadows], she shows them the true scope of Denathrius' madness, being the cause of the anima drought and keeping it all stored in Castle Nathria.[6] As Denathrius notices the two, he orders his guards after them. Now on the run, the adventurer joins the Accuser and General Draven in the resistance. Luring the Fearstalker and her hopebreakers to the Dredhollow lodge, she uses a trap to lure a swarm of Devourers to consume the hopebreakers, with the Fearstalker being finished off shortly afterward. The Accuser then claimed Fearstalker's amulet[7] and sends the adventurer to the Ember Ward to seek Theotar for clues to the location of the true leader of the rebellion: Prince Renathal.[8]

After reclaiming Sinfall, Theotar, Draven, and Accuser make it their primary base. The adventurer eventually returns from the Maw with both the prince and the the Curator in tow.[9] With their forces assembled, they launch a united assault on Castle Nathria. The rebellion cuts a swath through the Master's venthyr and stoneborn forces, seizing all the anima they can. As they charge Denathrius, a stoneborn grabs the Accuser and flies off, leaving the prince to face Denathrius on his own. She returns in time to witness Denathrius' plan come to fruition: Sending all the purloined anima into the Maw to empower his true master: The Jailer.[10] The rebellion then falls back to regroup at Sinfall.

Venthyr Campaign

Upon deciding to join the Venthyr Covenant, the Harvesters that remain decide to empower the Maw Walker with their gift, after the Maw Walker takes the Oath of the Harvesters before them, including the Accuser.[11][12]

The Maw Walker is directed by Prince Renathal to enter the Halls of Atonement and defeat the Lord Chamberlain, seizing the Medallion of Pride.[13]

During the siege upon Castle Nathria, the soul of Kael'thas Sunstrider is rescued and placed under the direct care of the Accuser[14][15] as his soul was on the verge of destruction due to burdening him with the sins of others through his sinstone.[16] After instructing him to release his anima to help awaken various stoneborn loyal to the Prince,[17] the Accuser successfully extracts the sins Denathrius burdened upon his soul.[18] Thanks to the efforts of Kael'thas and the Maw Walker, a conspiracy between Kel'Thuzad, the Tithelord, and House Blackbale was revealed, which the Accuser goes to inform Prince Renathal while the Maw Walker and Kael'thas continue investigating.[19][20][21][22]

After General Draven recovered the Medallion of Dominion, Denathrius whispers to Prince Renathal through it, tempting him to join him again. The Accuser reminds Renathal of the things Denathrius has done, solidifying Renathal's will against Denathrius and convincing him that Revendreth will be ruled by the Court of Harvesters in unison.[23]

The Accuser has since regained control of the Ceremony Ward and has resumed pontificating from her pulpit in the Halls of Atonement.[24]


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Objective of



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Conversation with Pelagos
Pelagos says: Accuser, you must encounter some truly unrepentant souls in your work. Were there any you thought to be beyond hope of saving?
The Accuser says: There is no such thing as a stainless soul, but there are some that require a more... strenuous... application of our methods.
The Accuser says: Once the sin is revealed and confronted, true atonement can begin. It is a hard road, but one that must be walked.
Pelagos says: In Bastion, we were once taught to let go of our pasts. That our memories, whether of good or ill, would interfere with our devotion to duty and service.
The Accuser says: Flaws are not weakness. They are our truth.
Pelagos says: That is the new path the kyrian have embraced. I believe that no soul is beyond redemption. Everyone deserves a chance to find peace.
The Accuser says: You show great wisdom, my young friend.



Greetings, mortal.

The Fearstalker's Lodge

Are you ready?


There is much work yet to be done.

Absolution Crypt

Do you see now what the Lord Chamberlain has done to these souls? It is abhorrent.

Halls of Atonement

The souls of Revendreth need absolution... they deserve it.

At the Chalice District during the Venthyr Campaign's "Confronting Sin" chapter

What do you think, <name>? Is Kael'thas Sunstrider worth saving?

During N [60W] Shaping Fate

Maw Walker. I am willing to acquiesce to the request from the Baroness for Kael'thas to accompany you on this mission.

However, keep an eye on the two of them. I am not convinced she is a good influence and may cause Kael'thas to regress into former practices.

He has shown promise lately, but I would feel more comfortable with this if he had another century or two of penance in place.

Before N [60] The Nathrezim


After N [60] The Nathrezim

Despite my reservations it would appear that Kael'thas and the Baroness did compliment each other well.

Where it was due to your involvement or their own initiative is irrelevant to the end result that Kael'thas has been able to let go of more of the burdens his soul clings to.

He shows much promise, and power.

Planes of Torment, Venthyr Assault

Even here, surrounded by enemies in the darkest depths of the Maw, we cannot forget our charge.

Venthyr are not called to destroy. We are called to desperately pursue every possible avenue that might avoid destruction.

There are souls in the Maw that deserve to be here. I know that because I have ent many here myself.

But the Jailer has claimed souls far beyond his right, and we must not rest until every last wrongfully convicted soul is rescued.

The calling of Revendreth has never been easy, but it has always been important. I believe you understand this now.

Keeper's Respite, Korthia

The truth must be revealed. Sometimes painfully.


  • Confront your past, or be condemned by it.
  • Have you come to confess?
  • No forgiveness without atonement.
  • No atonement without sacrifice.
  • No sacrifice without suffering.
  • Speak, I will listen. And remember.
  • Every soul can be redeemed, if it desires to be.
  • Serve your purpose.
  • The Maw is closer than you think.
  • Tend to your own sinstone.
  • We will be watching.
  • Change yourself, or I will.
  • Every choice matters.
  • I see.
  • I will not forget this.
  • You are fortunate that I do not judge the living.
  • Are you trying to grow your sinstone?

Notes and trivia


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  • The Accuser's daughter, Camille, appears as a human girl. This may mean that Harriet the Crimson Shade was a human, originally from Azeroth. Alternatively, Camille's appearance may be a stand-in for another race.
  • She and the Curator may be soulbinds, judging by their noticeably close relationship and the Accuser's rare show of emotion at her return from the Maw.

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