The Accuser's Fate

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NeutralThe Accuser's Fate
Start Lord Chamberlain [66.3, 50.6]
End Sire Denathrius [53.4, 63.9]
Level 58 (Requires 58)
Category Revendreth
Experience 3,900
Rewards 6g 31s 80c
Previous N [58] The Accuser's Secret
Next N [57] A Lesson in Humility


Ride Myskia and deliver the Accuser to Sire Denathrius.


You now stand in the presence of a Harvester, Maw Walker.

<Lord Chamberlain breathes in deeply and smiles.>

I will use the Accuser's medallion to solidify my foothold over the Halls of Atonement.

Meanwhile, the Master has requested that you deliver both the Accuser and the medallion that he loaned to me.

Myskia will be along shortly to retrieve you. Do not keep the Master waiting.


You will receive:

  • 6g 31s 80c
  • 3,900 XP


I trust you have the medallion that I loaned to the Lord Chamberlain?


<Sire Denathrius smiles as you hand him the medallion.>

I am pleased to see that you can be trusted with great power.


On accept:

Myskia says: The Master awaits the Accuser and the Maw Walker.
Lord Chamberlain says: The Master must want me to stay here and establish control of the halls. His top priority!
Lord Chamberlain turns and casts a spell on Echelon.

Hop on Myskia. The gargoyle will snag The Accuser's cage:

The Accuser says: Open your... eyes... Maw Walker...
The Accuser says: The Master... is not... what he claims--
Myskia yells: Silence, prisoner!
The Accuser says: Deliver me... to the Master... but do not... trust him...
Sire Denathrius says: Well done, Maw Walker.


  1. N [58] I Don't Get My Hands Dirty
  2. N [58] The Accuser's Sinstone
  3. N [58] Inquisitor Stelia's Sinstone and N [58] Temel, the Sin Herald
  4. N [58] Herald Their Demise
  5. N [58] Inquisitor Vilhelm's Sinstone
  6. N [58] Ending the Inquisitor
  7. N [58] Sinstone Delivery
  8. N [58] The Accuser's Secret
  9. N [58] The Accuser's Fate
  10. N [57] A Lesson in Humility

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