• 25 Achievement points
  • The Argent Champion
  • Earn Exalted status with the Argent Dawn and the Argent Crusade.
  • Criteria:
    • Exalted with the Argent Dawn
    • Exalted with Argent Crusade
  • Title Reward: The Argent Champion

The Argent Champion is a reputation achievement that requires players to reach exalted with both argent factions.


Argent Crusade

  • Complete the Argent Crusade quests starting at Chillwind Camp, leading to Andorhal. This will direct you to a caravan driver named Fiona; the Fiona's Caravan chain will direct you to the remaining Western and Eastern Plaguelands quests. Between quest rep and kill rep, non-humans will get to about 8,000/12,000 Honored.
  • To get Exalted at low levels, either:
1. Grind undead in the Plaguelands until exalted (2,500 kills of rep-granting undead), or
2. PvP until you have 1,125 Honor Points honor points. Exchange this with the Honor Trade Goods Quartermaster in your capital for 750 [Justice Points]. Go to the Legacy Justice Quartermaster in Dalaran (as of 4.2, all travelers to Northrend automatically know the Dalaran flight path, so just take a boat or zeppelin.) The  [Argent Crusade Commendation Badge] costs 16 Justice Points and awards 520 rep before racial, guild, and event buffs; buy as many as you need to become Exalted with the Crusade.
  • At higher levels, complete all Argent Crusade related quests in Zul'Drak, then and move onto Icecrown and finish the quest chains there. If additional rep is needed, grind rep in level 80 dungeons using the  [Tabard of the Argent Crusade], complete the Crusade's daily quests in Zul'Drak, or participate in the Argent Tournament (Death Knights get Ebon Blade rep instead of Argent Crusade rep for participating in the Tournament).
  • If getting Exalted with the Crusade isn't a priority, the non-repeatable quests in the Plaguelands and Northrend should get you Exalted or very close to it.

Argent Dawn

  • Complete the Argent Dawn quests along the same Fiona's Caravan quest chain; completing N [15-30] Argent Call: The Trial of the Crypt will get non-humans to 0/21,000 Revered. Lord Raymond George at Light's Hope will now offer two repeatable dungeon quests: N [15-30D] Aberrations of Bone, a boss-kill quest leading to Scholomance, and N [15-30D] Annals of the Silver Hand a fetch quest within Stratholme (main entrance). Each quest rewards 2,000 rep before guild, racial, and event buffs, so a player would need at most 11 combined repetitions of these two quests to become Exalted. The Stratholme quest is generally faster, as it can be accomplished by clearing the dungeon once. The book will respawn, but the mobs will not respawn unless the instance resets (generally 30 minutes of inactivity), so the player can run back and forth to retrieve the book.

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