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Not to be confused with The Art of World of Warcraft or The Art of World of Warcraft (2015).
The Art of Warcraft
Author(s) Jeff Green, Bart G. Farkas, David B. Bartley
Artist(s) Various
Pages 176
Publisher(s) BradyGames
Publication date July 8, 2002
Format(s) Hardcover, Paperback
ISBN 10 0-7440-0081-5
ISBN 13 978-0744000818
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The Art of Warcraft artbook was originally distributed in the Warcraft III Collector's Edition, which was sold for a limited time in 2002. The artbook was later offered for purchase as a single item with its own ISBN, but like the Collectors Edition of the game, has since gone out of print. However, both the Collector's Edition of Warcraft III and The Art of Warcraft book can still be found for sale at various book outlets and on auction sites like eBay, in used condition.


The Art of Warcraft features an inside look at the stunning art from the Warcraft series. Art from every stage of game development will be included, from early concepts to finished pieces, along with behind-the-scenes commentary from the Blizzard development team. Enoromous[sic] coverage including Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft II, and Warcraft, plus an exclusive glimpse at the upcoming World of Warcraft game. Anecdotal captions relevant to the story and events of the Warcraft series are also included. This timeless reference piece will give countless hours of enjoyment to avid Warcraft gamers everywhere!


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