NeutralThe Art of the Imbue
Start Galvan the Ancient
End Galvan the Ancient
Level 45 (Requires 40)
Category Blacksmithing
Experience 3900
Rewards  [Plans: Ornate Mithril Shoulder]
Previous N Blacksmithing [40] The Mithril Order

N Blacksmithing [45] Galvan's Finest Pupil

and N Blacksmithing [45] Expert Blacksmith!

This quest is part of the Mithril Order quest chain, which allows blacksmiths to specialize in Armorsmithing.


Bring forty Mithril Bars and four Citrines to Galvan the Ancient in Stranglethorn.


The harvesting of precious gems is of utmost importance to our craft, <name>. Few gems are more precious than the  [Citrine]. The magical properties we imbue into our goods are amplified greatly by the presence of citrine.

For this lesson, we will fortify forty bars of mithril with four citrines. The result will be a better understanding of magical gemology and the knowledge to create ornate mithril shoulders.


After such mining, your muscles bulge and your body aches!


One can barely keep their eyes from leaving its splendor, <name>. Aye, citrine is a glorious gem.

Pay attention and learn what such a discovery may teach us!



The Ornate Mithril Shoulders are required to complete the quest N Blacksmithing [45] A Good Head On Your Shoulders.


  1. A Blacksmithing [40] The Origins of Smithing / N [50-52] The Old Ways
  2. A Blacksmithing [40] In Search of Galvan / H Blacksmithing [40] Booty Bay or Bust!
  3. N Blacksmithing [40] The Mithril Order
  4. Three quests, which can be completed in any order:
    Complete all of the above to get the quest
    N Blacksmithing [45] Expert Blacksmith!
  5. Complete any one of the three to progress:
    N Blacksmithing [45] Galvan's Finest Pupil
  6. Again, three quests which can be completed in any order:
  7. N Blacksmithing [50] Did You Lose This?

This entire series is designed to earn you the recipes needed to complete this quest:

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