The Ashvane Threat

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HordeThe Ashvane Threat
Start Razgaji
End Randall Redmond
Level 110 - 120 (Requires 110)
Category Vol'dun
Experience 1,650 (at level 110)
Rewards 1g 94s (at level 110)
Previous H [110 - 120] Mojambo
Next N [110 - 120] Dead Men Tell No Tales, N [110 - 120] Seafaring Necessities


Meet with Randall Redmond.


De Ashvane Trading Company has a mining operation in Redrock Harbor.

Don't let de fancy name fool you, dey are as dangerous a band of pirates as I've veer seen.

Recently, one of their crew members has been trying to make contact with us. I need someone to meet with him and see what he wants.

It might be a trap, but whatever information he has on de Ashvane Trading Company could prove useful to our survival.


You will receive:

  • 1g 94s
  • 1,650 XP


You look like the kind of <race> that likes to make some coin. Am I wrong or am I right?


Randall is located at Randall's Refuge.[45.6, 82.4] On approach:

Randall Redmond yells: Before you draw your weapon, just hear me out...


Randall Redmond's quests:

  1. Optional breadcrumb: H [110 - 120] The Ashvane Threat
  2. N [110 - 120] Dead Men Tell No Tales & N [110 - 120] Seafaring Necessities
  3. N [110 - 120] Captain Hartford
  4. N [110 - 120] The Captain's Cache

Keerin's quests:

  1. H [110 - 120] If the Key Fits...
  2. H [110 - 120] The Master Key

Dockmaster Herrington's quests:

  1. N [110 - 120] Crabby Crew Stew & N [110 - 120] Gang Bustin'

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