The Aspirant

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NeutralThe Aspirant
Level 110 (810)
Duration 8 hrs
Followers 3
Type Generic
Enemies Miasu
Loyalist Sycophants
Fel Strike
Cost 150 Order Resources
Champion XP 3,000
Bonus Chest Various


In the heart of Suramar City, some nightborne have embraced the Legion's 'gifts' more readily than others. Miasu must be stopped.



You will receive one from:
Inv legion faction dreamweavers.png [Dreamweaver Insignia] Inv misc gem pearl 09.png [Azsharan Manapearl]
Inv misc gem pearl 12.png [Untapped Mana Gem] Trade archaeology highborne scroll.png [Disorganized Ravings]
Inv gizmo goblingtonkcontroller.png [Broken Control Mechanism] Ability priest angelicfeather.png [Hippogryph Plumage]

Your followers will gain:

  • 3,000 follower XP

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