AllianceThe Audition
Start Daniss Ghostdancer
End Daniss Ghostdancer
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Category Leatherworking
Experience 8,950
Rewards 11g 70s
Previous A Leatherworking [50] The Aeonian Artisan
Next A Leatherworking [50] Repaying the Debt
A Leatherworking [50] The Other Ghostdancer
A Leatherworking [50] Picking Bones
For the Horde version of this quest, see H Leatherworking [50] The Audition.


Craft 3 Drums of the Maelstrom and bring them to Daniss Ghostdancer.


Cassandra has spoken highly of your skills, but I need to be certain of what you can do. I mean no offense, this is as much for your benefit as it is our own, as if you are not ready the task could kill you.

If you are willing, I would like provide you with a test to see how well you can work leather.

Bring me three Drums of the Maelstrom that you have crafted yourself. This will prove your skill and consistency.

If your work is up to par, I will inform you of my plan.


You will receive:

  • 11g 70s
  • 8,950 XP


Do you have the drums?


Clean lines. Even tension. No tears or holes.

Very well.

My plan is to make a set of drums from rare and powerful components that will let you harness the raw, primal might of the slain beasts.

With this power, you will teach the Horde that home is not a place that can be burned, hope is not something that can be slain, and that we are stronger than flame.

The drums will require a special mallet to use, but once our work is done, I will teach you how to craft this mallet for yourself.


  1. A Leatherworking [50] The Aeonian Artisan
  2. A Leatherworking [50] The Audition
  3. Complete all of the following:
  4. A Leatherworking [50] Make Some Noise
  5. A Leatherworking [50] Instruments of Destruction

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