NeutralThe Authority of Revendreth
Start Sire Denathrius [57.4, 49.5]
End Sire Denathrius [57.4, 49.5]
Level 58 (Requires 58)
Category Revendreth
Experience 7,750
Rewards Venthyr Covenant class ability
18g 95s 40c
Previous N [58] The Master Awaits
Next N [58] I Don't Get My Hands Dirty


Accept the Master's Boon.


<Name>, a proud <race> <class>. I know your name and your deeds. I can taste your regrets and your shame.

More importantly, I know what you might become. You can be the beacon for the Shadowlands to rally behind. The symbol my people need to set aside these petty squabbles and help fix the problems that afflict all reality.

Before you stands the Court of Harvesters, my most loyal and trusted venthyr. Where once there were seven, only four remain.

Introduce yourself to them, for where they go, my power follows[sic]


You will learn one of :

Class Ability
Death knight Death knight [Swarming Mist]
Demon hunter Demon hunter [Sinful Brand]
Druid Druid [Ravenous Frenzy]
Hunter Hunter [Flayed Shot]
Mage Mage [Mirrors of Torment]
Monk Monk [Fallen Order]
Paladin Paladin [Ashen Hallow]
Priest Priest [Mindgames]
Rogue Rogue [Flagellation]
Shaman Shaman [Chain Harvest]
Warlock Warlock [Impending Catastrophe]
Warrior Warrior [Condemn]

You will receive:

  • 18g 95s 40c
  • 7,750 XP


My eyes are everywhere.


Now, Maw Walker, arise as a weapon of ordained power within my dominion.


Behind Denathrius, from left to right are:

The Tithelord, with Vrejaal behind him:

You stand before the Tithelord, Harvester of Envy, High Servant of the Master, and keeper of the downtrodden.
I hear you helped squash some of the rebels that were invading my ward. I will have you know I chose not to intervene as it was more important for those under my dominion to learn to fend for themselves and prove where their loyalties lay.
We do not need you here. We are fine on our own.

The Fearstalker, accompanied by Vanatora, and Varlasen:

Ah, a <race>. And what an interesting... scent... your soul has. Very distinct.
I am known as the Fearstalker. Harvester of Dread. In my forest, I am the predator, and the souls my prey.
You should come visit sometime. I am sure it would be very enlightening.

The Stonewright, accompanied by General Kaal, General Grashaal, and Myskia:

So, you are the one who slew the stoneborn outside of Darkhaven.
I am sure you did what you thought was right. Most people do.
I am known as the Stonewright. By my hammer and chisel were crafted the first stoneborn, and I see each as my child. They are all brothers and sisters in arms, and now they wage war on each other in this short sighted rebellion.
The Master believes you can bring an end to this conflict. Of that I have no doubt. I only hope it is the right end.

The Countess, with Duke Simion, Duchess Lacrima, Duke Kronid, Duchess Catina, and two Redelav Servants:

So you have been to the Maw?
Fascinating. I must have you to one of my parties so you may share your stories of that place. You may have encountered some of my former acquaintances there.
Oh, I am the Countess, Harvester of Desire. I command the Castle Ward and her many districts. I spare Sire Denathrius of the burden of having to deal with the nobles.
Good luck with the Master's tasks. I am hosting a number of wagers amongst the nobles for how long you might last. Try not to die too soon. Your arrival is the most interesting thing to happen since Prince Renathal rebelled.

Return to Denathrius:

Sire Denathrius says: Step forward, Maw Walker, and I shall bestow upon you a taste of the power that Revendreth can offer.
Sire Denathrius says: Venthyr of Revendreth, attend and learn. This new... arrival... is my guest, and should be accorded all rights and privileges there in.

Step in the purple rune on the ground and Denathrius will channel a spell into the adventurer.

On complete:

Sire Denathrius says: Lord Chamberlain, I hereby charge you with bringing an end to this failed rebellion.
Sire Denathrius says: For this task, I lend you Prince Renathal's medallion... as well as the might of our dear friend, the Maw Walker.
Sire Denathrius says: Bring the Accuser to me and her medallion shall be yours. The Prince's is already promised to another faithful ally.
Lord Chamberlain says: Your generosity is as vast as your wisdom, Master. Your will be done!

This concludes the "The Master" chapter of the Revendreth storyline. The campaign continues with N [58] I Don't Get My Hands Dirty.

Criteria of


  1. N [58] The Stoneborn
  2. N [58] A Plea to the Harvesters
  3. N [58] The Master Awaits
  4. N [58] The Authority of Revendreth

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