NeutralThe Backdoor
Start Ebyssian
End Mayla Highmountain
Level 10-45
Category Highmountain
Experience 15,050
Reputation +250 Highmountain Tribe
Rewards Artifact Relic
15g 40s
Previous N [100 - 110] A Timely Opportunity
Next N [10-45] The High Chieftain


Escape the Vault.


This will take Mayla some time to adjust to.

That being said, we should return to Thunder Totem.

Just south of here is a tunnel that should take us through the old drogbar slave enclave and then to an opening beyond.

We keep a small Skyhorn outpost there to watch and ensure nothing enters or leaves this vault without us knowing about it. They should be able to fly us back.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Specs Artifact Relic Type
Vengeance Balance Beast Mastery Arcane Fire Frost Protection  [Wisps of Illusion] Arcane
Blood Unholy Feral Guardian Marksmanship Survival Shadow Assassination Outlaw Affliction Arms Protection  [Time-Lost Dragon Heart] Blood
Havoc Vengeance Subtlety Demonology Destruction  [Feltotem Sigil] Fel
Unholy Guardian Fire Retribution Enhancement Demonology Fury Protection  [Smoldering Crux] Fire
Frost Feral Restoration Arcane Frost Mistweaver Elemental Restoration  [Flawless Kun-Lai Blossom] Frost
Holy Protection Retribution Discipline Holy  [Glory of Highmountain] Holy
Blood Vengeance Beast Mastery Survival Brewmaster Windwalker Protection Assassination Outlaw Enhancement Arms Fury Protection  [Stonedark Brul Brand] Iron
Balance Feral Guardian Restoration Marksmanship Brewmaster Mistweaver Holy Holy Restoration  [Spark of Khaz'goroth] Life
Frost Unholy Havoc Discipline Shadow Assassination Subtlety Affliction Demonology Destruction Arms  [Memory of Neltharion] Shadow
Beast Mastery Marksmanship Survival Brewmaster Mistweaver Windwalker Outlaw Elemental Enhancement Fury  [The Four Winds] Storm

You will also receive:


I always thought it odd that Ebonhorn never seemed to age. Or at least, he always looked old, but he never got older.


Go through the Slave Enclave and reach its end, the Obsidian Overlook.

Completing this quest awards the "Secrets of Highmountain" criterion of  [Ain't No Mountain High Enough].


  1. N [10-45] Secrets of Highmountain
  2. N [10-45] The Path of Huln
  3. N [10-45] In Defiance of Deathwing
  4. N [10-45] Titanic Showdown
  5. N [10-45] An Ancient Secret
  6. N [10-45] The Backdoor
  7. N [10-45] The High Chieftain

Beta version

Beta version.

Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages of World of Warcraft: Legion.

During the beta, the quest started with Wrathion instead. He was followed by Left, Right, the Blacktalon Quartermaster, Tong the Fixer and Smuggler Nightfang.


Well, this is no time to overstay our welcome.

I found the passageway behind me will take us all the way to the other side of the mountain.

Once clear of the caves I should be able to get us to high ground.


Well, these tauren and their spirit journeys are quite intimidating.


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